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The Sewing Journal – Get Yours Today


If you like to sew or  make DIY projects,  this is the journal for you.  I created this journal because I sew as a hobby and couldn’t find a simple journal to fit my needs.   I wanted something to keep track of all my projects, something to reflect back on and to see my progress of getting better.  The Sewing Journal Notebook was born from those wants.

Do you create clothing with a lot of patterns?  This notebook has 30 pages of a template for keeping up with your pattern projects and DIY (things recreated from Pinterest or blogs) projects you find online, the page features spaces for all details of your project including a space for 2×3 photos of your finished project that you can print with your home computer.   I will include with your journal a link to a YouTube video that will show you how quick and simple it is to print your photos.  Or, if you have one of those popular handheld cameras that print your tiny photos out instantly, that will work as well.  LINK HERE

Do you sometimes sew projects for others.  There are 30 pages of a template for those special projects, complete with spaces to note measurements, thoughts and pictures and you can even sketch on your own Croquis.  The Croquis is pre-sketched and ready for your design.   That’s 20 pages for women projects and 10 pages for men projects.



The notebook also features a pocket folder for storage. It also has 6 pages where you are able to note the patterns that you want when you are in the fabric store or looking online.  All you would need to do is write the pattern number down and mark the check box.  No more re-buying the same pattern over and over when you don’t have to because you are unsure if you have it in your stash at home.

Next this journal has space for you to keep up with what you have in your fabric stash.  Just cut a 2×3 swatch of your fabric and tape of glue it to your Stash page in the journal.  There are 102 spaces for all that fabric you have been hoarding.

This book is bound with the TUL binding system only available at office max.  You can purchase already hole punched folders, paper,  pencil bag accessories, and calendars  to add to your book. You are able to go bigger with your book and add additional sewing pages (purchased in my etsy store) if you run out of pages because you have so many projects.

You are going to love this book just for the simplicity and its ability to keep you organized.  Once you have all your projects in this journal you will feel accomplished because you are able to visually see your projects in one place, see your growth and refer back to your work.

FYI:  The examples I am showing you are from my own journal book I am trying to organize.  Please forgive the imperfect pictures and messy handwriting… lol…

All pages are copyrighted and can not be duplicated without written permission.