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Splash Memories Resort – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – REVIEW

Hi everyone:  So, if you follow us on social media @kimandtonia you know that we went on a six day vacation this past week to Punta Cana.  I will be posting several reviews on our visit, the things we did and what I liked and disliked about it.  This review is on the resort.

We arrived at our hotel early afternoon, checked in and began to explore.  The Resort was a 2 area resort that was combined on each end of the compound.  The resorts were Splash Memories and The Royalton.  We stayed at Splash Memories.  If we had known that the other resort was a little more elegant and less family oriented we probably would have chosen that one while booking.


–        The room was just ok.  The furniture was kind of old.  There was nothing Luxury about it but it did the job for sleeping and chilling out.  After all, you don’t go out of town to always be hanging in the hotel room all the time do you?

–        The floors were white tiled, the bathroom had warm water to bathe in.  (I personally like my water a little hotter)

–        The room came with a refrigerator that worked in my room but did not work in Kim’s room.

–        Our room had a patio with a table and chairs.  It was nothing special but nice to have if you liked to sit outside and people watch.  We had a direct view of one of the pools.

–        If you had time for TV, they had a 32 inch television mounted on the wall and surprisingly had tons of channels to watch.  You also had to option to watch TV in various languages.

–        The Resort Wi-Fi was actually really great.  As you go closer to the other property (The Royalton) it would get sketchy but still worked.

–        The Resort was nicely landscaped and you could walk and admire the property or you could hop on the trolley that stopped in different areas of the resort to drop people to their desired destination.

–        This Resort was kid friendly.

–        There was a nice sized water park with big water slides that your kids or event grown-ups would love.

–        This property is not on the beach so you would have to go over to the Royalton, which is right on the beach, in order swim in the ocean or sunbathe.

–        This Resort had bars all over for your convenience of grabbing a drink.


–        The staff was always nice and knowledgeable.  They did not always speak English though.

–        The men can sometimes get touchy feely.  I had a guy trying to sell me something to kiss me on my cheek at least 10 times.  It was kind of disturbing.  All throughout the resort the men can be flirty and touchy feely.

–        We did not see a lot of women but most of the ones that we did see at least said hello.

–        Beware of the people trying to sell you things on the resort property.  Several times they got pissed when we told them no and that we did not want to buy anything.  It was very uncomfortable.  They really try to pressure you into purchasing.

Food and Drinks

–        The drinks were almost always watered down.  You could hardly taste any alcohol.  I’m not a big drinker and noticed it.  I assume that they water the drinks down because it’s all-inclusive and I don’t know, they may be trying to save money.

–        The food was not good at all.  Especially when you compare it to American food.  I don’t think we were trying to compare it though but that it just was not good.  I am more specifically talking about the buffet.  Stay away…. No seriously…. STAY AWAY if you can.  We pretty much ate at the sister resort (The Royalton) every day.  They had a little bar and grill with American food like wings and burgers.  They also had a Steakhouse that was really good.  The Steakhouse was not inclusive but it was worth the $15 to eat there.

–        When leaving the resort and heading to the airport, some of the other guests complained about the food and said that they had and some others had caught food poisoning.   One guy said he would pay $50 if he could get a good burger right then.  HAHAHA…. It was funny.  But the bad food seemed to be the consensus with us tourists.

Activities on the Resort

–        Please be aware that there is not much to do after seven pm on this resort.  The pools and Water Park close at 6 pm.  The restaurants stay open pretty late.  The beach is open always too but after dark you can’t see much.  We were looking for parties but there were none on our resort.  I heard that some of the other resorts had party venues but you had to know someone to get in them.  Because of how the areas looked outside of the resort, we were kind of scared to leave without a chaperone.  So, if you need that night life, I say stay at a resort with at least a club you can go to on the compound.

Overall, I would give this resort a 5 or 6 stars out of 10.  It is not too bad to stay there but it’s not great.  If you are a family, I would give it a higher rating, maybe a 7 or 8.  If you are a group of singles or a couple, you may want to try a more lively resort that has a night life and night time activities that you would enjoy.