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Hi guys:  I wanted to post about this little cigar/jazz music bar that I visited in New Orleans recently.  Now, I am not a Cigar Smoker but I have taken a puff or two.  This was only my third time going to a cigar bar.  The 1st time, I almost died of smoke inhalation.  They weren’t filtering the smoke to go anywhere but inside that small room.  The 2nd, time was actually nice, it was located in the Dallas area.  The place was big, had tons of couches to chill on and was full of people.  The New Orleans cigar bar was nice and the difference with this one and the others was that, it was cozy, just like I would expect it to be in New Orleans and there was a live little band.  They were Jammin.  The band would play all kinds of songs, from old school to stuff I had never heard before.  They were so into the music and I was feeling the vibes.  The smoke was minimal to where I barely noticed.  They had a nice bar.  I ordered a vodka and cranberry.  Before the night was over, I would have downed 3 or 4.  I am not sure.  I stopped counting.  I took a few puffs off of my cigar and actually enjoyed myself.  Everyone in the bar looked like hippie types that lived in the area and probably walked to the place.  I saw old and young people, black and white.  It made me smile.  I noticed in my visits lately to cigar bars, that a lot of women frequent the cigar bars as well.  I mean a lot.  More than you would probably think.  I felt comfortable.

So if you are ever in New Orleans for a weekend, I say pop into Dos Jefe, have a drink and order a meal (I didn’t eat there, sorry).  The bartenders and waitresses seemed super cool.  Have a smoke and chill and listen to some seriously contagious music from the band.  Look at the bands facial expressions as they play the music from their instruments.  Before you know it, you will be making those faces as well.  🙂 I was told that there is a different band almost every night.  Dos Jefes closes at around  3 am daily.

Dos Hefes –  535 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

(sorry I wish I had gotten more pictures)

Tonia Y😘