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Well hello everyone. Note to self…..don’t take pics on a cloudy day. Okay so its a new year with new beginnings so lets make it count. So I would like to share with you guys this refashioned sweater that was inspired by the beautiful Kyrzayda RIP! While engaging in one of my nightly routines which is scrolling through Pinterest before falling asleep I came across Ms. Kyrzayda rocking the hell out this sweater similar to the one I’m wearing. So yep, you already know I copied that LOOK!. I must say, I’m thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

I bought around 1 yard of fabric. I cut 2 strips of fabric much longer than the actual circumference length of the sweater because once the strips are gathered it will cause them to become shorter, which means they wouldn’t be long enough to fit around the sweater. The strips were 6 1/2 inches in width and 50 inches in length to go around the bodice portion of the sweater. Next I serged the top and bottom of both pieces to give them a clean look and hemmed the bottom edges. Then in order to create the gathering on the top of the fabric strips, I first adjusted my sewing machine to stitch on the longest stitch, pulled the long pieces of thread which in return the fabric began to gather. Once the bodice pieces were gathered, I pinned the top layer accordingly and then evenly adjusted the ruffles and I did the same for the second layer and once pinned in place, I sewed them on. I followed the same steps for the ruffled sleeves top layer. The measurement for the ruffled sleeve were 4 1/2 inches in width and 16 1/2 in length. I created the sleeve by measuring the circumference around my arm and added a few additional inches because of the sweater sleeve bulkiness and also I measured it about 2 inches above my elbow down to my wrist. I also serged the top and bottom of the sleeve and created an elastic hem at the end of the sleeve. Lastly, I put the sleeve over the arm portion of the sweater and pinned the ruffle part over on to the newly attached sleeve and sewed both pieces together onto the sweater. Whew……I hope this all made sense. I promise its very easy.

Now as for my jeans I cut 3 slits on one leg, 2 on the other and cut the bottom hem off. Next I got my seam ripper and ripped the edges around the cuts until the edges looks distressed and the same for the bottom of the pants. I posted a quick video snippet on our Instagram page showing the steps it took to distress my jeans.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post and love this look.

How I re-constructed my sweater and made me some distressed jeans

XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



Happy Monday everyone. Today’s post is about this refashioned Chanel sweater that I paired with my throw back diy box-pleated self-drafted midi-skirt. So, not to long ago I mentioned that I bought this Chanel sweater from a local estate sale for $25 which was a super sweet deal, BUT I had to put some work in on this sweater to make it wearable and fabulous. First off it was faded, the collar was out of shape and the sweater was way to big and very unattractive. So since I knew I wanted to wear it, I had to work some magic by re-dying it, cutting off the collar, cut a few inches off of the bottom and lastly I added these sleeve tabs…. I wasn’t able to give it a complete make over, but it definitely looks a lot better. The skirt is an old DIY that I love O so much and I decided to pull out my Valentino multi-color pumps just to give the outfit a little bit of color and diversity.  I’m in love with this complete look.

Be Blessed and I hope you all love this sweater remake and like the post.

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin


Remix – Modernizing a Purple Velvet fabric dress

Hi Guys, I found this dress at the thrift for about 7 bucks.  That was higher than I would normally pay but I thought why not. I just wanted to make it a little more comfortable and modern.  I think I turned out pretty good.  I didn’t do much.  It was very hot with that turtle neck on, so I cut that off and changed the next line.  I shortened the sleeves and shortened the dress.  I hope you guys like it.  There is a video of the remix on instagram if you want to see it.


Remix – Dress to Shirt

Hi Everyone: I found this dress and turned it into a top and added mesh to the top of it. I dont know where these designs come from but I literally just get the scissors and start cutting. I dont put a lot of thought into it at all. If I mess it up… oh well on to the next. I love doing these remixes. They are fun and you just never know what they will turn into.

Thanks for stopping by…

Tonia Y






Hi Everyone:  So, this is my anticipated Sunday Remix Refashion project.  I bought this dress at a thrift store for 4 bucks.  It is a stretch, spandex material so I decided to make it some workout pants. All I did was turn the dress inside out and laid a pair of workout pants that I already had on top of the dress and cut around, using the pants as a pattern. I then stitched it all together and boom  PANTS.  I am all ready for this boot camp I go to on Monday and Wednesdays in Dallas.

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix Refashion – Ugly Dress Redo (VIDEO)


Hi everyone.  I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted the Sunday Remix.  But I am back!   I found this dress,  I want to say for $3 but it could’ve been $4 or $5, I am not quite sure.   Anywho… I laid this dress on the floor and just started cutting… I actually cut it to my actual size but I did not realize that it did not have any stretch. So, I literally had to squeeze in it.  I put elastic around the breast area for support and added a belt.   You know these projects can be hit or miss –  you just go for it and hope for the best.  Hope you like it.




Hey yall! Over the weekend I shared this CRA-mazing repurposed purse with my fellow instagramers and Facebook buddies and now I’m sharing it with my blog audience. Here we go………Drrrrrrrummm-roll, please. Da-da-da-dum. Lol. Ok so my Sunday remix was repurposed using this old Fendi purse circa 2004, so yeah it’s pretty old and beat up. I had to search high and low for this baby. Anyway, it had some major wear and tear damage and because of that it became not useful, hence I decided to reinvent it into something that could be useful. Below are some of the steps I took to turn this mid-size purse into a small fold-over clutch purse.

Be Blessed and I hope you all LOVE this remix and enjoyed the post.

*****I cut the purse open by cutting off the both ends of the purse

****Removed all of the hardware, the top portion of the purse and the inside pocket

****Pulled the lining back so that I can get to the gut of the purse

****Created these 2 small holes on the center leather strap in order to add the magnetic snap.

****Added the magnetic snap

****Once I situated the purse the way in which I was pleased with, I then was able to sew the inside pocket back into the purse

****So here is the finished project. A fully lined with an inside pocket fold-over clutch purse. Also, there were a few sprinkles of white paint on the purse, which I believe came from lying dormant in my closet on the this white painted rack….who knows, anyway, I used some brown polish to conceal those white spots.  

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix – Dress Refashion

Morning and Happy Sunday guys,  I found this dress at Good Will a few weeks ago.  I thought I would buy it since it had a lot of fabric to work with.  My intention was to make an off shoulder top and so that is what I did.  The dress had a rip at the bottom which I didn’t realize so I had to work around it.  I feel ripped off with the $6 price .  But I have moved on now….   It is cute.   This is just a casual throw on top for me with a pair of jeans.

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix – Blue Jean Skirt to a Blue Jean Halter (Behind the Seams inside)

Everyone… This is my inspiration for this Sunday’s refashion project.

I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought, this is what I want to make this week.

I found this old school skirt and I thought it would be perfect my top.  It was wide (for the flare I envisioned).

Sound I took on of my shirts and cut around the skirt for the size and length.

This is the end result of the cut.

Next, I used the remnants from the jean skirt to make a neck strap.  I stitiched it down and then used a pin to pull it through the neckline (sorry I don’t have every step in pictures).

Here is the end result.


Remix Sunday – Denim House dress

I thought to myself.  I haven’t really sewn anything in a while.  Then I was like ewww I will sew something for remix Sunday.  I hit a couple thrift stores yesterday for something I could transform and make it kinda hip again.  I found this big grandma house dress that was in the City Thrift for half off.  So, I grabbed it thinking, I can shorten it and take it in some an make it into a little baby doll dress.  That is what I did.  It took be about 30 mins to cut it and sew it.  Oh I forgot to mention that I paid about $2 for this dress.  Below is the before and after photo.


DIY Trift Store Buy- Upcycled Coat

Hello peeps…… Every so often I like to explore the thrift stores to see what hidden treasure(s) I can find to recreate and during one of my recent trips, I found this burgundy wool long sleeve trench coat, which I had previously been in search of AND it matched perfectly with the top and slacks that I already had hanging in my who’s WINNING :-).  I recently saw a coat up-cycle on one of my favorite sites Pinterest, that where I got the idea for this project.  By the way Pinterest is a great site for fashion ideas and inspirations. So this recreation was swift. I simply removed the sleeves and changed out the hardware and BAM there you go. Loving this look.

Be blessed and I hope you all enjoy this DIY look and post.


XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin


Sunday Remix

Hi Everyone:

Well today was Sew Sunday for me. I bought this knit dress at the thrift store on Saturday. It cost 3 bucks. I thought hmm, I can make this into something. So, today I did. I first cut the dress down the middle. Next, I had to turn it inside out, take the sleeves in and added a seam to the back because it was way tooo big. I shortened it and then hemmed it. BAMMM! Done. Don’t be scared of the thrift store. Find something and remix it.