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Hey everyone. Ok so I’ve finally gotten around to sprucing up my ole tired living room ottoman. While searching for ways to uplift my living room space, I came across this very inexpensive way of achieving that. Luckily for me I only had to purchase a few additional items, but for everything else, I already had these items available. So lets briefly walk through the steps I took to create this look. Since there are a plethora of items you can work with, I suggest only using a few specific pieces, because you don’t want to overcrowd your limited tray space with a bunch of junk.  I recommend that you chose some pieces that are interesting, functional, eye catching, and so on…….

AND no need to worry about things not matching up, because that’s the purpose. It makes it more unique and interesting to look at :0

Here’s what I’ve chosen:

  • Gold vase- found at TJ-Maxx for $6.99
  • Tray- purchased at TJ-Maxx for $16.99 ( Tommy Bahamas brand-this was definitely a steal)
  • Colorful Floral stems- already had around the house
  • Decorative accent balls- already had around the house
  • Magazines- already had around the house
  • Set of candles- purchased from TJ Maxx for $7.99
  • Yellow ceramic decorative bird- already had around the house

Easy steps:

  1. I added some “fluff” in the bottom of the vase(old pine cones to fill up the empty space) put the accent decorate balls on top and placed the vase in one corner of the tray.
  2. Placed the set of candles orderly in another corner.
  3. I added a set of my favorite magazines in the remaining space of the tray and for a pop of color, I topped it off with this high yellow decorative bird.

There you go, an easy home project that you can complete on a budget.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.


XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin