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DIY clutch bag with handle (Pinterest inspired)

Hi guys, this post is for this cute little clutch with a handle I made.  I found a pic on Pinterest and thought hmmm that’s a good idea.  I can remake that.  I found some metal circle handles at hobby lobby for maybe 3 bucks.  They were thin and so I didn’t really like them.  So, you know me, I hit up a thrift store and found an old purse with rectangle handles on them.  I bought the purse for $3 and removed the hardware.

First I got a poster board and made a quick pattern. It was 8.5×12.5

Items Needed!

1.      One zipper.  I bought a 12 inch.

2.      Pattern (See pic above)

3.      Fabric (I used some blue leather I already had.

4.      Lining

5.      Handle that you got from thrift store or hobby lobby

Cut out our pattern from your main fabric and lining….  I changed my lining at the last minute

Since there are so many of these tutorials, I won’t reinvent the wheel.  See the link for instructions on putting your bag together.

NOTE:  Before you close your bag up around the edges, make sure you add your handle.  Sew it on and make sure it is enclosed on the inside of the bag so that when you turn it inside out it will be laying correctly.

That’s it!