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Correction: Hey YALL…….So check out these super FLY pair of jeans and this tooo cool Memphis Fashion tee that I’ve purchased from shop her closet mem pop-up shop. I love my goodies so much that I have to share. I call this look, being fly on a budget. As I mentioned in my posted vid, these pair of jeans are Free People, which is one of my favorite brands and what makes this purchase even better is that I only paid $20 brand new when they retailed at $88… #STEAL and I’m rocking my estate sale jewel… I picked up this unique looking clutch purse from a local estate sale for a whopping $3 YEP I did that 😀. I’m a firm believer that you still can be fly and not have to break the bank!

Be Blessed. I hope you enjoy this post and LOVED this look

Ms. Kim Austin ….XOXOXOXOXO



Ginger Tea and the Health Benefits of Drinking it

Ginger Tea has some great benefits.  I drink it all the time.  It is soothing and it tastes great.

The ingredients are just Fresh Ginger Root, Lemons, and Raw Honey.

I heat my water in a coffee cup, I peel the ginger root and then cut up into small pieces.  Next, add freshly squeezed lemon juice into the water (you can even put a couple of slices in the water if you want), then add honey to taste.  There is no set amount for either ingredient.  If you use more Ginger then it will taste a little stronger and spicier.  Ginger is the beneficial ingredient in the drink.  So make it to your taste.

Below are some benefits of drinking Ginger Tea (there are so many other benefits) but these are some of the reasons why I drink it.

·        This tea prevents nausea…

·        Reduces inflammation

·        Helps respiratory problems

·        Improves blood circulation

·        Helps the immune system

·        Relieves stress

I have gained a new liking for collecting coffee cups.  This is one of my weekend cups.  Cute cup huh? And, It holds true to one of my great questions in life J.  We all need an extra day on the weekends!!!

I say drink this daily.



Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Late post: So let me briefly tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed one of the many fashion events that went down this past week and during Memphis Fashion Week. For starters I LOVED the venue. The ambience had a very artsy feel; it was sleek, clean, white and crisp….very nice and well put together. Another plus was that the location wasn’t to far out of the way from where I live (but hey even if it was, I still wouldn’t missed the event). What stood out the most, was how everybody seemed swept up in the excitement of the event; the atmosphere was laid back and relaxed; people were taking pics, laughing, socializing, sipping on their choice of either wine or bear(which was complementary) and just simply enjoying themselves which was great, HOWEVER I did take notice the lack of diversity, which was a bit disappointing and I know Memphis isn’t considered to be on the top of the list when it comes functions such as this, but still…..hopefully things will turn around and more people from my community will show up and show out in the near future.

Since it was such an creative event, I wanted to show off my creative side :-), so I decided to spruce up this $2 denim hat that I found at Wal-Mart by adding some imitation pearls to match this cute little number I wore(BTW this dress already had the pearls on it at time of purchase). Pics below

And Lastly, I was impressed with the designs presented from the new emerging Memphis designers. Each collection had a different vibe and theme. Some designers collections were fun, full of life, colorful and over- the-top. Another designer pieces were also colorful, but a little more subtle and then you had that collection in which I consider “ready to wear” because of the color choice, the tones were soft/neutral and the pieces were more functional, something I could personally see myself wearing on any given day. At the end we voted on our favorite category, I provided the choices below. I chose the Mini collection. I’m already looking forward for next years show, I hope you all are to. Well let me get out of here and I’ll talk to guys soon.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.





Hey Everyone. Ok so we all know that no one is PERFECT and we have all certain parts of our bodies that we would love to change or enhance (which I actually have several) but hey that’s a whole different story. Anyway, one feature I’m currently attempting the enhance are my “chicklet” legs as my friend Katrice would call them LOL. At the moment, it just seems the easiest part to tackle. I’m going to be very transparent, but this is one of a few areas that I’m insecure about. After during some research, asking questions from fellow friends and attempting to tone up my legs while at the gym (with very minimal results) I was advised to try adding legs weights to my routine. I’m like hmmmm that just might work, so lets it a try. I was on the hunt for these babies, so I found these very inexpensive weights from our local Marshalls for $5.99 and there’re 5 LBS total, with each being only 2.5 in weight (Ya’ll I’m frugal, so I’m always searching for ways to save my ends and still be able to get what I want).  So after I made my first purchase, I got thinking, would that be enough to help me accomplish my goal? I’m actually thinking about purchasing a second pair and wearing 2 on each leg YIKES…. I might be pushing, huh and or I hope I don’t damage anything :-). I guess we’ll see

So far, I like the fact that I can wear them beneath my pants, which makes them pretty inconspicuous and according to description, these are suppose to help with body shaping, leg toning, and aids in burning calories. And, from the reviews I’ve read, most people have given the 4 to 5 stars.

Some of the pros and cons I’ve read thus far


  • Increases calorie burn.
  • Muscle strength.
  • Increase you resistance.
  • Improve the shape of your legs( I seriously need all of the above).


  • They can put more stress on your joints, hips, knees and muscles if not used properly.
  • They aren’t good for continuous activity.
  • Add pain to already existing joint and muscles issues.
  • To much weight around a small ankle can risk injuries.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin


MY TOP 4 FAVORITE parfumes

Lets talk parfume, so what’s your favorite fragrance? In this post I will share my thoughts on my top 4 favorites starting with my least fav 🙂

Chanel Chance– So an old boyfriend back in 2004 bought this perfume for me as a “just because” gift; I was overly ecstatic when I received this gift, BUT the moment I opened the package and got a whiff of this lovey fragrance, I instantly fell in love with it and I’ve been wearing it ever since. This particular perfume reminds me of a sensual floral scent with a hint of sweetness, vanilla, and a light musk aroma, which is actually great for me because I tend not to like an overbearing smelling perfume.  However, I do love how it still posses that classic authentic Chanel old school scent. As you can see from my half empty bottle, its time to make a new purchase :-). I’m hooked, there’s no turning back with this one and I will always keep this particular perfume in my collection.

Chanel #5 L’eau and Chanel #5 oil- I would venture out to say that the Chanel #5 L’eau is the younger version of the original Chanel #5. I’ve always found Chanel perfumes to be a bit “old fashion” but they nailed this one. It’s modern, strong and yet gentle. However, there are some things that I like about the original Chanel, it smells rich and classic, even though it reminds me of something my grandmother would wear and it tends to be a bit overwhelming. Chanel L’eau has some of the same components as the original one, but its not as intrusive, its very light, feminine, it has a light powdery undertone (which I love). When I think about the original Chanel # 5, I think of my grandmother generation, but every time I smell or think about the L’eau, It gives me that feeling of youthfulness, fun and flirty. Also, when purchasing L’eau which is a toilette, I bought the Chanel 5 spray oil, because the toilette isn’t as potent as a parfume and doesn’t last very long. I wear these two in conjunction with each other, because the oil aids in the lasting power of the toilette (this last bit of info was a free one ***wink***)

Calvin Klein (Euphoria)– I love this perfume. I would consider this to be my signature fragrance. I believe it mixes well with my body chemistry and more than anyone of these other fragrances, I get the most compliments with this one. It has this  “light” sultry aroma that I can’t get enough of. As of lately, this has been my go to perfume.

Viktor & Rolf (Magic Dancing Roses)- This a new one to my collection and is apart of the Viktor Rolf magic collection. A friend of mine introduced me to this brand; its only exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue, so if you live in the local area, you will have to buy it online. Now its a bit pricey, but its worth every dollar in my opinion. If I had describe this perfume with one word, it would be SEXY. This fragrance oozes sexiness, grown woman, elegance, and confidence. OK, its a unisex fragrance, yes both men and women can wear this(but I can’t imagine a man wearing it). This perfume has different layers, which one of them smells like a hint of roses(I’m definitely not a girl who likes floral or fruity scents AT ALL) but this one is different and unique. It has a sweet, semi-musk, fruity, warm, powdery scent, however with all of the layers, its a subtle aroma. I would put it in the category as a fall/winter fragrance. It’s definitely a mood lifter and has lasting power. Hey I like this fragrance so much, that I’ll even spray a little bit on my wrist before heading to bed 🙂

Be blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin


DIY Vanilla Lavender SUGAR Body Scrub

Why spend unnecessary funds on body scrubs, when more than likely, you probably have all the needed ingredients readily available in your kitchen pantry. You can quickly whip up a batch in comfort of your home.

Ingredients below:

  • 1 cup turbinado sugar ( this will aid in the texture of the scrub)
  • 1/2 cup oil – (coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil)
  • 1/2 cup of kosher salt (adding to much of this ingredients, will cause it to be to rough on the skin when applying)
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon real vanilla extract
  •  10-13 drops lavender oil ( I used NOW brand). Depending on how strong you would like for the lavender scent to give off, you can  either add more or less drops. Its all about personal preference.


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Add more or less oil to your preference. Personally I prefer a little more oil.
  3. You can find the cutest jar type containers from any local craft store.



Memphis Fashion Week – 2016

Hey. I thoroughly enjoyed Memphis Fashion Week, it was a great experience. So, you ask what did I like the most about Memphis Fashion Week? I like how Memphis showed up and showed out!!. The designs were creative, inspirational, and beautiful. It bought so many artistic people from around the Memphis fashion and art community together, which created a magical night. I’m already looking forward to 2017 Memphis Fashion Week and I might even consider volunteering in some type of capacity, just to get a first hand look of how everything is brought together behind the scene.

Be blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoy the post.


XOXOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin