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HAPPY “V” DAY everyone….Ooooo love is in the air. I hope you all make it an enjoyable one. Now let’s chat about how I began to drool over this dress once I finished sewing this beauty up and after trying it on. I love the sexiness and the simplicity of it, this is an effortless look. So I knew I wanted to make something special in the color of red for valentine’s day and I already has a pattern in mind, so I began my fabric search early on and found this gorgeous light weight 2 way stretch velvet fabric with these gold colored embroidered butterflies, which I thought was perfect for simplicity pattern 8787…….ummm lets just say after pulling the dress together, I don’t think this was the best fabric choice for that pattern, although I still love the fabric. I had issues with the hemming around the bottom sleeve and around the bottom of the dress. I’m not sure what happened, but once I hemmed both ends of both pieces, the stretch in the fabric went away and became lose, therefore I had to take the arm and the end of the dress in more than I would’ve liked BUMMER……. So the only alteration I made was eliminating one of the sleeves. Looking at the pic on the envelope, the dress was fairly basic, so I decided to add some life by eliminating one sleeve, which in my opinion, it made it more fashionable. Overall I liked the pattern and will surely make another version of this dress, but of course with a different type of fabric.

Be Blessed and I hope you all liked this post and loved the look.

Getting my dance on …lol
DIY Sewing Sewing Journal

The Sewing Journal – Get Yours Today


If you like to sew or  make DIY projects,  this is the journal for you.  I created this journal because I sew as a hobby and couldn’t find a simple journal to fit my needs.   I wanted something to keep track of all my projects, something to reflect back on and to see my progress of getting better.  The Sewing Journal Notebook was born from those wants.

Do you create clothing with a lot of patterns?  This notebook has 30 pages of a template for keeping up with your pattern projects and DIY (things recreated from Pinterest or blogs) projects you find online, the page features spaces for all details of your project including a space for 2×3 photos of your finished project that you can print with your home computer.   I will include with your journal a link to a YouTube video that will show you how quick and simple it is to print your photos.  Or, if you have one of those popular handheld cameras that print your tiny photos out instantly, that will work as well.  LINK HERE

Do you sometimes sew projects for others.  There are 30 pages of a template for those special projects, complete with spaces to note measurements, thoughts and pictures and you can even sketch on your own Croquis.  The Croquis is pre-sketched and ready for your design.   That’s 20 pages for women projects and 10 pages for men projects.



The notebook also features a pocket folder for storage. It also has 6 pages where you are able to note the patterns that you want when you are in the fabric store or looking online.  All you would need to do is write the pattern number down and mark the check box.  No more re-buying the same pattern over and over when you don’t have to because you are unsure if you have it in your stash at home.

Next this journal has space for you to keep up with what you have in your fabric stash.  Just cut a 2×3 swatch of your fabric and tape of glue it to your Stash page in the journal.  There are 102 spaces for all that fabric you have been hoarding.

This book is bound with the TUL binding system only available at office max.  You can purchase already hole punched folders, paper,  pencil bag accessories, and calendars  to add to your book. You are able to go bigger with your book and add additional sewing pages (purchased in my etsy store) if you run out of pages because you have so many projects.

You are going to love this book just for the simplicity and its ability to keep you organized.  Once you have all your projects in this journal you will feel accomplished because you are able to visually see your projects in one place, see your growth and refer back to your work.

FYI:  The examples I am showing you are from my own journal book I am trying to organize.  Please forgive the imperfect pictures and messy handwriting… lol…

All pages are copyrighted and can not be duplicated without written permission.



HEY everyone. Ok so here is another Pinterest inspired DIY project. While scrolling through Pinterest I came across this reconstructed off-the shoulder sweatshirt with this hot red lip stencil. I LOVE IT. Its very relaxed and chic at the same time. Yep this was another easy and inexpensive project. All that is needed is a sweatshirt that I purchased from Walmart(cost $6), a lip stencil that I printed offline for free,  paint pounchers ($6.99 for a pack of 6, but I only needed 1 for this project, so I made my own for $1 using a cleaning sponge….name of the game FRUGAL), fabric paint(I chose red-cost $3 from Jo-Ann Fabric), Mod Podge glue which is used as adhesive for the glitter(cost $3.99 from Michaels Craft store),  glitter(cost $2 from Jo-Ann Fabric), a pair of scissors and some card board which I used to put behind the first layer of the shirt just to ensure that the paint doesn’t leak through to the back of the top. I added some pics showing the steps I took to make this off-the shoulder sweatshirt. Also, I paired it with this oldie, but goodie DIY leopard print pencil skirt.

Be Blessed and I hope you love this look and enjoyed the post.

Step 1: cut off the collar

Step 2: Put cardboard behind first layer of fabric

Step 3: Tape down lip stencil (which I taped this upside down and didn’t notice it until after I was finished,  but with the help of a good friend I was able to fix it….GEESH)

Step 4: Gather all the supplies and get ready for extreme artwork…lol

Step 5: if you choose to make your own paint pouncer, get your sponge, draw a medium size circle and cut that baby out.

BAM, there it is, your DIY paint pouncer.

Step 6: Squeeze the paint onto some wax paper if available.

Step 7: Unfortunately I failed to capture a pic for this step, but you will dip your pouncer into the paint and then dab the painted coated pouncer  within the lip stencil until its fully covered.

Step 8: Get another one of your DIY pouncers, dab it into the glue and apply it to the inner edges of the lip stencil or if you choose to, you can go in a little further to get more of the glitter effect.

Step 9: sprinkle the glitter where you applied the glue.

Step 10: Lastly, let it dry for about 12 hours and after that, you’ll be ready to rock your new and improved up-fashioned sweatshirt.

XOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin

DIY Pattern Review

McCall Pattern 7846 – Poncho – Review

Hi guys,

This is my review of the poncho I made from McCall Pattern M7846.

Was this poncho easy to make? Where the instructions easy?

Yes.  Very easy. The Pattern was easy to read as well.

Which view did you make?

View C.

Would you change anything about this pattern?

Nah, This look required only 1 large piece to be cut and to have a separating zipper.

Did you like your fabric choice?

It was ok.  I went to Joann fabrics for the fabric.

What Fabric did you use?

I am not 100% sure but it was in the section with all the other sweater/winter fabrics.  Sorry, sometimes I just grab what I need and go.  I will do better so that you guys can have some reference when you are fabric shopping. I know that can be hard.

Did the finished product look like the photo on the pattern envelope?


Does this pattern fit true to size?

I think so.  This time I mistakenly bought a size Medium.  I fell like I should have gotten a large.  So, I cut the Medium.  It felt very snug.  So, I would say it is mostly true to size.

Would you remake this pattern?

Yes, you can’t have too many ponchos.

Would you recommend this pattern to others?

Yes.  The other views are nice as well.

Could a beginner make this look?

Yes.  Definitely.

Tonia Y

DIY Pattern Review

Off Shoulder Winter Top – McCall M7849 – Review

Hi guys,

This is my review of the sexy off shoulder top made from McCall Pattern M7836.  I rolled my sleeves up (personal choice) but below there are pictures of the long sleeve finish.

  1. Was this top easy to make? Where the instructions easy?

Yes.  Very easy. The Pattern was easy to read as well.

  1. Which view did you make?

View C

  1. Would you change anything about this pattern?

Yes, I would eliminate the stitching of the 2 front pieces together.  I would just tape the two pattern front pieces together and make one piece.  I did not care for the stitch down the middle of top.

  1. Did you like your fabric choice?

Ehhh, it was o.k.  You know, I went to Joann fabrics for the fabric and they do not have a large diverse selection anyway, so I just chose one and went with it.

  1. What Fabric did you use?

It was a cotton knit.  It almost looked like sweatshirt fabric but not really.  You need a little stretch in your fabric for view C so that you are able to pull it over your head for the next piece.

  1. Did the finished product look like the photo on the pattern envelope?

Yes.  I would say definitely.

  1. Does this pattern fit true to size?

I think so, I always cut a size or two bigger than I need so that I can have room for error.

  1. Would you remake this pattern?

Yes, definitely.  It’s a cute top.

  1. Would you recommend this pattern to others?

Yes.  I love all the views.  I say go for it.


DIY Sewing Sewing Space

Vision Board and My Small Sewing Space

Hi guys its Tonia.   I wanted to show you my tiny but surprisingly comfortable sewing space and vision board I use for inspiration.  I had to make it work in this little 1 bedroom apartment here in Dallas, TX.

Of course I stalk Pinterest daily and sometimes I print the pictures I really like on 4×6 paper and then cut them out and then pin them on my real live P-interest board.  Everyday I look at it looking for a project I can do for the week.  I left space so that I can add to in when needed.


My sewing room is a very small space in my apartment.  It is a 6×9 space.  It was meant to be an office space. This is what it looked like prior to moving my stuff in.

This is what it looks like now that i have set this small area as my sewing space.Now I know its not perfect and if your sewing space is perfect and perfectly clean, then you are not using it.  I use mine daily.  I clean up and its right back messy again. All the furniture is white and of course came from Ikea. I would guestimate that this whole ikea set up probably cost about around $250.

I have a little store on Etsy where I make and sell dancewear and swimwear (hence the manniquin and stretchy fabric everywhere.  If interested the link is on the blog.

Left Side





Its Friday……. TUTORIAL TIME. Just call me one crafty chic. I love creating all types of stuff and fall is one of those special times of the year that I try to fully express my craftiness through my DIY fall décor. So with a vast variety  of DIY projects, you can create inside home décor,outside home décor or both and it can become a little expensive to say the least. Ok, I Initially went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy all of my supplies because they offered 50% off their fall décor, picked up my goodies, made it to the cash register and the clerk started ringing up my merchandise and as each item was being scanned, I noticed the price was reaching well over $50…… I was like…..oh no, not today…I’m returning this stuff. So fast forward, I gathered all my supplies while being annoyed, I simply skipped my little annoyed self straight over to the $1 DOLLAR store , picked up all the foliage(30 pieces) and fall décor I needed, went to the cash register and voila I left the store only spending $30 plus dollars, however I had to purchase the wreath at Jo-Ann, which was only around $16 with a coupon.  Needless to say I did spend over my $20 budget..HA, but I’m very pleased with the end results and I feel a sense of accomplishment, which to me that’s a feeling money can’t buy.

Be Blessed. I hope you like this post and enjoy the tutorial.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wreath
  • Sharp scissors or shears
  • Foliage, berries, mini pumpkins, or just whatever you choose to decorate your wreath

Cut your stem(s) down just enough the make sure that the leafy part(s) are flushed against the wreath, but make sure that you don’t cut it to short because then it will be to short to slide in between the wreath twigs

Gather your foliage pieces together for insertion into the wreath.

Exert just enough glue at the end of the foliage stem to ensure that the foliage stays securely into the wreath, however don’t use to much glue because it can become very messy and sticky….TRUST ME! Once the glue is applied, go ahead and slide the stem into the wreath or either you can first put the stem into wreath and then apply the glue.

So with this step you can use one of the two methods. Depending on the size of your ornament(s) you can either use wreath wire or glue. Personally I find using the glue much easier and quicker.

Ok so once you’ve figured out the way you would like your Foliage to follow and once the pieces have been inserted, PLEASEEEEE don’t panic if your wreath is looking a little CRAY CRAY, because the good news is that you can always go back and re-arrange the pieces by either taking some of the leaf fullness out if its to much or add more leafiness is desired. By the way….YALL this is one of my favorite shirts, I specially wear it when I’m around my kids….. I know thats mean…lol

Little DJ wanted to make a grand appearance….lol

Voilà……here’s my DIY wreath!!!


DIY Sewing

30 Minute – DIY Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt – Tutorial

I love pencil skirts!  You can dress them up for work or casual.   They never go out of style.  I recently made a red one out of some left over fabric I have and also a green one.  You will probably see these skirts in future posts.  I had some random fabric laying around the house so I decided to make this skirt out of it.  Below are the instructions.

Please note that this skirt is really super duper easy.  You must have some sort of 4 way stretch fabric.  You can use two way but make sure you cut the skirt to where the stretch is on the hips.



Grab a poster board and an old skirt that you really love the fit and draw around it on the poster board.  Dont worry it does not have to be perfect but try to get it as perfect as YOU can.  When you cut it out, your lines will be more straight.

Next cut a waist band.  It needs to be 4 inches by whatever your waist is size is.  If you are a 25 inch waist.  Cut a 12.5 x 4.  You will cut two of these.


Now that my skirt is cut.  Pin Sides and stitch down.

This is what your two pieces will look like.

Stitch down the side of your skirt and stitch both ends of your waist bands together.  Fold over like the picture.

Your skirt should be right side showing and your band too.  Put your band on top of the skirt and get ready to pin and stitch down.

Start by lining up and pinning your seems together right sides together.

Should look like this.

and this!

Go to the machine and stitch (as shown in the picture.  Stitch the inside all the way around.  Dont forget to back stitch.  NOTE:  Use a zig zag stitch.  I learned the hard way and had to go back and redo the stitch.

Now you have a skirt!

THis is what the inside looks like.  You surely can serge if you want.  It will make your garment look more finished.d

Hem your skirt!


There is your perfect little skirt.  For real a beginner can do this skirt!  It is so easy.  Have fun.  Tag us on Instagram if you decide to make one from my directions.  @kimandtonia

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix Refashion – Ugly Dress Redo (VIDEO)


Hi everyone.  I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted the Sunday Remix.  But I am back!   I found this dress,  I want to say for $3 but it could’ve been $4 or $5, I am not quite sure.   Anywho… I laid this dress on the floor and just started cutting… I actually cut it to my actual size but I did not realize that it did not have any stretch. So, I literally had to squeeze in it.  I put elastic around the breast area for support and added a belt.   You know these projects can be hit or miss –  you just go for it and hope for the best.  Hope you like it.





Hi everyone:  I wanted to showcase this DIY skirt I threw together from Mimi G’s You Tube channel (video below).  I have nothing but good things to say about the skirt.  Its cute and fun.  The instructions were easy to follow.  The thing that took the longest was making the pattern using your measurements.  After that it is smooth sailing.  The video is less than 30 mins long.

I pulled out my stash of random fabric and choose this fabric that I really liked. The picture does not really show it’s cuteness. 🙂  I got this fabric at Wherehouse fabrics here in Dallas. It is kinda thin and light weight.  It was I think $2 a yard.


I love Mimi G’s You tube tutorials.  I give this tutorial a thumbs up!

DIY Handbag DIY

DIY clutch bag with handle (Pinterest inspired)

Hi guys, this post is for this cute little clutch with a handle I made.  I found a pic on Pinterest and thought hmmm that’s a good idea.  I can remake that.  I found some metal circle handles at hobby lobby for maybe 3 bucks.  They were thin and so I didn’t really like them.  So, you know me, I hit up a thrift store and found an old purse with rectangle handles on them.  I bought the purse for $3 and removed the hardware.

First I got a poster board and made a quick pattern. It was 8.5×12.5

Items Needed!

1.      One zipper.  I bought a 12 inch.

2.      Pattern (See pic above)

3.      Fabric (I used some blue leather I already had.

4.      Lining

5.      Handle that you got from thrift store or hobby lobby

Cut out our pattern from your main fabric and lining….  I changed my lining at the last minute

Since there are so many of these tutorials, I won’t reinvent the wheel.  See the link for instructions on putting your bag together.

NOTE:  Before you close your bag up around the edges, make sure you add your handle.  Sew it on and make sure it is enclosed on the inside of the bag so that when you turn it inside out it will be laying correctly.

That’s it!




Hey guys. I hope everyone enjoyed their fantastic 3 day weekend! Okay so I’m giving you guys a 2 for 1 dose of creativity…HA! This DIY Ankara print lightweight jacket is an oldie which I made roughly around a year ago, but unfortunately never got a chance to rock it, because I wasn’t 100% percent sold on it. However, after looking through my fabric stash, I came across her and I thought to myself, let’s me see if I can make something work with this jacket and voila, she came through. Moving on, so I paired this jacket with an old pair of Zara pants that I’ve had for maybe 12 years now, HOWEVER, they were to short, so my creativity light bulb came on and I decided to cut about 3 inches of fabric out around the calve area and then I re-attached the flare part of the bottom of the pants to that same area that I originally cut out in order to create these ankle length flare pants. Easy right (smile).

Be Blessed. I hope you like this look and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



Hello Guys. This DIY tunic was made using this super easy digital pattern from the Beaute Jadore collection. This was my very first time using a digital pattern. I normally would steer away from digital patterns, because of fear and my ignorance in reference to how simple these patterns really are. Lets just say, I will purchasing many more from this point forth. When I came across Beaute Jadore wearing this tunic on my instagram feed, I quickly purchased it and got busy working on it.

I like the fact that this tunic is not complicated to wear, it’s simple, stylish, classy, and I like how the gathered side that shows off a little skin gives it a little sassiness. Again, I say that this pattern was simple because it was only 4 pieces and with a back zipper….not to complicated right, however the pattern suggest that you can use silk as one of the fabric option, but after using polyester which is close to silk, I would have to disagree. With this pattern I would strictly suggest using stretch material and I say this because once you gather the side and if you’re using any other fabric than something stretchy, it will cause the back of the tunic to twist, which is not cute and frustrating. NOTE: again, I strongly suggest using ONLY stretch material if you want the back of the tunic and centered zipper to stay centered once the side is gathered. Well while that was a major issues and disappointment for me, overall I like the top and think its really cute and funky.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed this post.




Happy Saturday. I’m still here in the DR and loving it, however I put a few minutes aside to photograph another one of my DIY pieces. A while back a young lady sent me a pic of this jumpsuit and asked if I could make this jumpsuit for her and I quickly accepted the request. Lets just say, she was pleased. Any who, I thought to myself and said self, I think this would be another winner for your Dominican Republic trip, so guess what, I decided to copy her outfit….LOL. I Made the pants using a simplicity pattern that unfortunately I cant seem to remember at the moment and the bodice was self-drafted. The outfit is so cute, but I especially like the strappy back and the wide leg pants.

I picked up this blue and white striped with red embroidery fabric from Jo Ann fabric. When I purchased the fabric, I had already decided that I wanted the bottom of the pants to end with the embroidery portion, the end of the back tie, and on a portion of the bodice. Because the way the fabric was cut, I had to be strategic with the way I cut the pattern pieces out to achieve this desired look. Overall I’m very pleased and will making this again in the near future.

Be Blessed and I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



Super late post Hey guys. Its “hump day”. I’m sharing this 2 piece DIY getup and this DIY printed half-calf/lamb leather folder-over clutch purse all the way from Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic that is 😀😀😀. This is the perfect outfit, vacation spot and Punta Cana is the perfect place to capture some beautiful serene pics. So I made this outfit using Mcalls 7757 pattern.  I’ve always had a love for wide leg pants, so when I saw this DIY popping up on my Instagram timeline made by some of my fellow seamstress, I was like yes, this is must. I headed straight to Jo Ann fabrics, picked out this gorgeous green fabric, and started working on this baby in 2.5 seconds…LITERALLY…lol. It was pretty easy to sew up. It took me around 2 1/2 hours to complete both pieces. I would totally recommend this pattern because of the simplicity. Well guys, I’m going to leave it here, so that I can head back to lying out on the beach to soak up some more sun and sip on delicious fruity drinks🌞.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix – Dress Refashion

Morning and Happy Sunday guys,  I found this dress at Good Will a few weeks ago.  I thought I would buy it since it had a lot of fabric to work with.  My intention was to make an off shoulder top and so that is what I did.  The dress had a rip at the bottom which I didn’t realize so I had to work around it.  I feel ripped off with the $6 price .  But I have moved on now….   It is cute.   This is just a casual throw on top for me with a pair of jeans.


Time capsule Tuesday – Headboard Makeover

Time Capsule Tuesday… lol – I know, I know….  I just made that up.  😋🤣 I just wanted to show you my old headboard that I got from Pier One a few years ago.  The foe leather started to peel and so I decided to recover it.  I don’t have all the steps with the pictures but here is what I did in 3 steps…


  1. Looked for the screws on the back of the headboard and unscrewed them, removing the inner wood with the foe leather fabric on it.


  1. I didn’t remove the foe leather fabric I just recovered it with some fabric from my hoarding stash. 🤪 I used a staple gun to secure the fabric tightly.


  1. Next, I put the screws back in and there you have it. A brand new refashioned headboard.  Not to mention a new look for my space.


Take an old head board from the thrift store or in your home and redo it without spending hundreds of dollars on a new one.




Hey Guys. Late Post. So I made this dress last week and I finally have a chance to post about it. I made this top/skirt=dress 😀using New Look pattern 6508. This is another one of my all time favorite DIY pieces.

1st off, the most amazing part of this dress is how you can connect the 2 pieces together in the front by buttoning them up and or both pieces can stand alone if you chose to wear them that way. 2nd I’m in love the color, it’s fun, youthful and vibrant. 3rd the back of the dress is pretty fly as well and 4th it came together pretty easily with the exception of a few things I would do over.

If I chose to make this dress again, I would shorten the length, find another BOMB color and make adjustments to the button placements at the bottom corners on each end of the bodice. I placed the button holes based off where the pattern stated they should be, however because I followed the pattern steps, it left the very bottom ends of the top just flying in the wind and sticking out (I hand stitched those lose ends of the top to the skirt). So, if I make it again, the next time I will place the button holes at the very end of each bottom corner of the top, therefore, they will lie down with ease once both pieces are buttoning up…..WHEW…..I hope I didn’t make that to confusing. And lastly, the pattern only required that you line the bodice, but the next I will line the both pieces. Overall, this is one DIY I’ll be keeping in my stash for a long time.

Be blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms.Kim Austin



Happy Sunday. Quick Post. I’m just sharing with you guys this very unique and trendy top that was made using Mccalls pattern 7724. How cute is this top? I like how I’m giving you all the best of both worlds in reference to on one side your getting that off the shoulder look and on the other side I’m giving you the cold shoulder….HA….Great combination, right :-). I chose almost the exact same fabric choices presented on the envelope because the color combo and print is dope :-). Again this was quick post and I’ll talk to you guys later.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms.Kim Austin



Happy Tuesday. Today’s DIY is this sleeveless top with a ruffle detail using Simplicity pattern 8512. While I was going on my JoAnn fabric 99 cents pattern splurge, I came across this pattern and instantly knew I had to make this top. There’re various style options for this top, so of course I chose variation “D” because I like ALL THINGS UNIQUE AND FLY…… YEP :-). I chose this light weight sheer polyester fabric because it just seemed more functional for this style of top. I wanted the ruffle detail of this top to be light in weight and flowy. Overall I found this top easy and quick to whip up, HOWEVER when attaching the ruffle detail, just make sure its  properly centered, because when I finally tried my top on, I noticed that it wasn’t proportioned, which made me have to slightly twist the top to make the back zipper centered along with the ruffle being centered, but then that caused the front of the top to be twisted on one side in the front…WHEW that was a lot. POINT….please don’t make the same mistake I originally made, by making sure the ruffle is precisely centered when being attached. I hope this post will be helpful to a fellow seamstress.

Be Blessed. I hope you like this look and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin




Hi guys. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Man the days, weeks, and months are really flying by, can you believe almost half of the year is already behind us. Time waits for no one, which brings me to the topic of this dress I’m wearing. While during some spring cleaning I came across this UFO (unfinished outfit) lets just say I started on this project around July 2017 and unfortunately didn’t pick it back up until last week sometime. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t see the project through until now, well for me whenever I hit a rough patch in reference to sewing issues or difficulties, I sometimes find myself getting discouraged and just simply tossing it to the side and moving on to the next project.

So in this particular case, I was having issues with the neck band and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to lie down smoothly like is should(which neckbands are STILL something I struggle with SIGH). I took this neck band seam a-loose and re-attached it in what seemed liked 100 times to the point where I was tearing up the fabric, so I was like screw this, I’m over it!!

Moving along, after recently coming across this dress while cleaning, I decided to pull this baby back out and give this neck band thang another try WELP I still didn’t get it right to the point where I was satisfied. Oh and yeah, I actually made a detachable black collar to wear over this jacked up neckband, but hadn’t realized that I didn’t wear it until I got home and started looking through the pics and I was like hmmmm something is missing and yep I forgot to add the collar…. I was so disappointed. But you know what, I’m still going to rock this baby because I like everything about this dress and I specifically made the dress in this color to rock with these BAD *** pair of Valentino shoes that I’ve only wore once (I buy shoes, just to let them collect dust in my closet, but that’s a whole nothing post). Lastly, I made a few alterations to dress by adding ruffled sleeves and a ruffled hem.

Be blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms.Kim Austin

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix – Blue Jean Skirt to a Blue Jean Halter (Behind the Seams inside)

Everyone… This is my inspiration for this Sunday’s refashion project.

I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought, this is what I want to make this week.

I found this old school skirt and I thought it would be perfect my top.  It was wide (for the flare I envisioned).

Sound I took on of my shirts and cut around the skirt for the size and length.

This is the end result of the cut.

Next, I used the remnants from the jean skirt to make a neck strap.  I stitiched it down and then used a pin to pull it through the neckline (sorry I don’t have every step in pictures).

Here is the end result.



Hi everyone.  Happy Humpday!  Last night I made this easy DIY laundry basket.  It was so easy.  A beginner sewer could definitely make this with no problems.

You can see the tutorial I found HERE.  I will not break down how to make this bag.  The tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess Blog is great.  It only has like 11 steps for making this bag.

My photos below just shows me in the process of making the Laundry Bag.   I will say that I love this heavy duty outdoors fabric.  I feel that this bag is sturdy and will last forever.  I love the print.  I love to travel and it has a bunch of places on my bucket list I would like to visit before I kick the budget.  🤣  The fabric is colorful and I love that.  I love color.

I can see the bag being made for kids rooms out of all kinds of fabrics with superheroes or cars printed on them.    That would be so adorable.

This first picture:  I noticed that the instructions said to use like a tray or a round surface to make you circle base.  Well, all I had was my bar stool.  I traced that on a poster board and then added the extra inches to it according to the tutorial instructions.

This is the fabric i chose from Joann’s. It was in sale for $6 a yard i think.

Next, I cut my big pieces according to the tutorial.

I didn’t want boring beige straps so I dyed mine. It wasn’t too messy.

Next was the stitching.

Then the ironing.

Then the end result.

I say make this bag.  When you are done you will feel great and love love love the outcome.

Tonia Y