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DISCLAIMER: We are all adults. I am not endorsing Botox for anyone. I am just showing you my experience. I do this because I want to, it’s a personal choice and it makes me happy.

I know a lot of women (black women) don’t talk about getting Botox.  It’s like it’s all secrety and is to never be spoken of ever.   Lets be real, every one wants to be happy with themselves and the way they look.  More and more women are having cosmetic procedures done.  Ten years ago, you did not talk about it.  If you got a nose job or a butt lift, you didn’t talk about it for fear of back lash or being judged.

Well most of my friends know that I am an open book type of girl.  I speak my mind and I talk freely about myself and just life in general.  I think you should do what makes you happy.  If you want a skinny nose, or a better shaped booty.  YOU SHOULD GET IT DONE!!!!!! Especially if it makes YOU happy.

Now that I am in my mid 40’s, I am all about cosmetic procedures.  I am going down swinging at them wrinkles chile.  I mean, I want to age and live to be 200 but I want to look good as I get there.  My face will be snatched like Cynthia Bailey’s face on Housewives of Atlanta. 🤣

I got my first Botox injections at I think age 37.  I still have the video I did on YouTube. (see below)  Lol.. See below.  Looking back at this video… hahaha.  What the?  And those eyebrows. Lol. But anyway… it is what it is?   I really liked the results but I was not happy about the price.

There are ways to get Botox at half the price or really cheap. Today, I use method #1 (below).

1. Be a model at the Botox training for Nurse Practitioners.  There are several companies that offer this and you will get your injections for half of the price.  Man do I save money.

2. Groupon – they have specials all the time in your city for Botox injections usually pretty darn cheap.

3. Nurse friend – I don’t have a Nurse Practitioner as a friend but hey if you do, maybe she will hook you up.

I haven’t been consistent with getting my injections on time, usually every 3 months.  The last time I got them, it was December 2017.  Yeah, almost 6 months ago.  🙄

The next time I get the procedure (which will be really soon), I will show you my experience and more detail with the process of getting them and how the injections turned out.  When I posted this video years ago, I could not find any African American women Botox videos.  That is part of the reason why i posted it.