HAPPY “V” DAY everyone….Ooooo love is in the air. I hope you all make it an enjoyable one. Now let’s chat about how I began to drool over this dress once I finished sewing this beauty up and after trying it on. I love the sexiness and the simplicity of it, this is an effortless look. So I knew I wanted to make something special in the color of red for valentine’s day and I already has a pattern in mind, so I began my fabric search early on and found this gorgeous light weight 2 way stretch velvet fabric with these gold colored embroidered butterflies, which I thought was perfect for simplicity pattern 8787…….ummm lets just say after pulling the dress together, I don’t think this was the best fabric choice for that pattern, although I still love the fabric. I had issues with the hemming around the bottom sleeve and around the bottom of the dress. I’m not sure what happened, but once I hemmed both ends of both pieces, the stretch in the fabric went away and became lose, therefore I had to take the arm and the end of the dress in more than I would’ve liked BUMMER……. So the only alteration I made was eliminating one of the sleeves. Looking at the pic on the envelope, the dress was fairly basic, so I decided to add some life by eliminating one sleeve, which in my opinion, it made it more fashionable. Overall I liked the pattern and will surely make another version of this dress, but of course with a different type of fabric.

Be Blessed and I hope you all liked this post and loved the look.

Getting my dance on …lol

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