HEY everyone. Ok so here is another Pinterest inspired DIY project. While scrolling through Pinterest I came across this reconstructed off-the shoulder sweatshirt with this hot red lip stencil. I LOVE IT. Its very relaxed and chic at the same time. Yep this was another easy and inexpensive project. All that is needed is a sweatshirt that I purchased from Walmart(cost $6), a lip stencil that I printed offline for free,  paint pounchers ($6.99 for a pack of 6, but I only needed 1 for this project, so I made my own for $1 using a cleaning sponge….name of the game FRUGAL), fabric paint(I chose red-cost $3 from Jo-Ann Fabric), Mod Podge glue which is used as adhesive for the glitter(cost $3.99 from Michaels Craft store),  glitter(cost $2 from Jo-Ann Fabric), a pair of scissors and some card board which I used to put behind the first layer of the shirt just to ensure that the paint doesn’t leak through to the back of the top. I added some pics showing the steps I took to make this off-the shoulder sweatshirt. Also, I paired it with this oldie, but goodie DIY leopard print pencil skirt.

Be Blessed and I hope you love this look and enjoyed the post.

Step 1: cut off the collar

Step 2: Put cardboard behind first layer of fabric

Step 3: Tape down lip stencil (which I taped this upside down and didn’t notice it until after I was finished,  but with the help of a good friend I was able to fix it….GEESH)

Step 4: Gather all the supplies and get ready for extreme artwork…lol

Step 5: if you choose to make your own paint pouncer, get your sponge, draw a medium size circle and cut that baby out.

BAM, there it is, your DIY paint pouncer.

Step 6: Squeeze the paint onto some wax paper if available.

Step 7: Unfortunately I failed to capture a pic for this step, but you will dip your pouncer into the paint and then dab the painted coated pouncer  within the lip stencil until its fully covered.

Step 8: Get another one of your DIY pouncers, dab it into the glue and apply it to the inner edges of the lip stencil or if you choose to, you can go in a little further to get more of the glitter effect.

Step 9: sprinkle the glitter where you applied the glue.

Step 10: Lastly, let it dry for about 12 hours and after that, you’ll be ready to rock your new and improved up-fashioned sweatshirt.

XOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin

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