Well HELLO there (smile). We’re expecting some snow this week here in the south. It’s bitterly cold..brrrr. Luckily for me, I was able to snap a few pics of me wearing this DIY wool blend poncho with a camisole before this cold weather arrived and that is what I adore about this Poncho; I have versatility with this one. On those light cool days I don’t have to worry about laying up, because I can throw on a light top and still get warmth from this accessory or I can also wear a thick sweater with it during those days when the temperature is frigid such as what we’re experiencing now. The simplicity in making this DIY was superb. This particular poncho only required at least 1 yard of fabric, limited cutting, and some hemming… that’s it. I wish I would’ve captured the steps I took to make this Poncho, unfortunately I didn’t think about it at the time, I just went in…lol. Anyway if you’re interested in making your own DIY poncho they’re plenty of tutorials online.

Be Blessed and I hope you all loved this look and enjoyed this post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin

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