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November 2018



Hey everyone. Today’s blog post is the DIY mid-length duster made with a few alterations. I found this wool blend fabric at Jo-Ann fabric, which I love working with because of its weave firmness; its easy to manage, its stable, and smooth to sew into. I’m overly crazy about the feel/texture of the fabric and the color. This isn’t the first time using this pattern ….click on link  The actual pattern is a full length duster with side hidden pockets and a back bottom vent, which as you can see from the original version I switched it up a little bit and re-created it to make it my own. So the 3 alterations I made consisted of me eliminating the hidden side pockets and adding these faux-fur boxed side pockets, I shorten the duster and lastly I didn’t add the back bottom vent. Also the pants are DIY as well, click on link This is yet another one of my favorite looks because it has a clean, sleek, stylish and professional look.

Be Blessed. I hope you all love this look as much I do and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin



Hello Everyone. I’m sharing with you guys this DIY ombr’e colored sweater cardigan. I would love to provide the pattern I used, but unfortunately I’m having trouble recalling the exact pattern. I picked up this thick sweater material from Jo Ann Fabrics. I used around 2 1/2 yard of fabric. From what I can remember it was a fairly easy project and I definitely plan on making it again, because I have an affinity for long draping pieces. I would like you guys to check out for some of the latest trendy pieces. I paired my cardigan with this sweatshirt dress that I got from Polka Dot Posh. I love this dress, as I mentioned on my social media posting, If I could, I literally would wear this dress EVERYDAY.

Be Blessed and I hope you all love this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin



Well HELLO there (smile). We’re expecting some snow this week here in the south. It’s bitterly cold..brrrr. Luckily for me, I was able to snap a few pics of me wearing this DIY wool blend poncho with a camisole before this cold weather arrived and that is what I adore about this Poncho; I have versatility with this one. On those light cool days I don’t have to worry about laying up, because I can throw on a light top and still get warmth from this accessory or I can also wear a thick sweater with it during those days when the temperature is frigid such as what we’re experiencing now. The simplicity in making this DIY was superb. This particular poncho only required at least 1 yard of fabric, limited cutting, and some hemming… that’s it. I wish I would’ve captured the steps I took to make this Poncho, unfortunately I didn’t think about it at the time, I just went in…lol. Anyway if you’re interested in making your own DIY poncho they’re plenty of tutorials online.

Be Blessed and I hope you all loved this look and enjoyed this post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin



Happy Monday everyone. Today’s post is about this refashioned Chanel sweater that I paired with my throw back diy box-pleated self-drafted midi-skirt. So, not to long ago I mentioned that I bought this Chanel sweater from a local estate sale for $25 which was a super sweet deal, BUT I had to put some work in on this sweater to make it wearable and fabulous. First off it was faded, the collar was out of shape and the sweater was way to big and very unattractive. So since I knew I wanted to wear it, I had to work some magic by re-dying it, cutting off the collar, cut a few inches off of the bottom and lastly I added these sleeve tabs…. I wasn’t able to give it a complete make over, but it definitely looks a lot better. The skirt is an old DIY that I love O so much and I decided to pull out my Valentino multi-color pumps just to give the outfit a little bit of color and diversity.  I’m in love with this complete look.

Be Blessed and I hope you all love this sweater remake and like the post.

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin



HEY everyone. Ok so here is another Pinterest inspired DIY project. While scrolling through Pinterest I came across this reconstructed off-the shoulder sweatshirt with this hot red lip stencil. I LOVE IT. Its very relaxed and chic at the same time. Yep this was another easy and inexpensive project. All that is needed is a sweatshirt that I purchased from Walmart(cost $6), a lip stencil that I printed offline for free,  paint pounchers ($6.99 for a pack of 6, but I only needed 1 for this project, so I made my own for $1 using a cleaning sponge….name of the game FRUGAL), fabric paint(I chose red-cost $3 from Jo-Ann Fabric), Mod Podge glue which is used as adhesive for the glitter(cost $3.99 from Michaels Craft store),  glitter(cost $2 from Jo-Ann Fabric), a pair of scissors and some card board which I used to put behind the first layer of the shirt just to ensure that the paint doesn’t leak through to the back of the top. I added some pics showing the steps I took to make this off-the shoulder sweatshirt. Also, I paired it with this oldie, but goodie DIY leopard print pencil skirt.

Be Blessed and I hope you love this look and enjoyed the post.

Step 1: cut off the collar

Step 2: Put cardboard behind first layer of fabric

Step 3: Tape down lip stencil (which I taped this upside down and didn’t notice it until after I was finished,  but with the help of a good friend I was able to fix it….GEESH)

Step 4: Gather all the supplies and get ready for extreme artwork…lol

Step 5: if you choose to make your own paint pouncer, get your sponge, draw a medium size circle and cut that baby out.

BAM, there it is, your DIY paint pouncer.

Step 6: Squeeze the paint onto some wax paper if available.

Step 7: Unfortunately I failed to capture a pic for this step, but you will dip your pouncer into the paint and then dab the painted coated pouncer  within the lip stencil until its fully covered.

Step 8: Get another one of your DIY pouncers, dab it into the glue and apply it to the inner edges of the lip stencil or if you choose to, you can go in a little further to get more of the glitter effect.

Step 9: sprinkle the glitter where you applied the glue.

Step 10: Lastly, let it dry for about 12 hours and after that, you’ll be ready to rock your new and improved up-fashioned sweatshirt.

XOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin




Late Post….YIKES. I apologize you guys. So I recently participated in the Pretty Girls Sew fall inspired sew-log. Participants were advised to create any one of the variations from McCalls 7802. I made view C, with a few alterations to the sleeves such as not adding the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves and I shorten the sleeves. I must say it was exciting experience. I reached out to Pretty Girls Sew and mentioned that I’ve been following them for some time now and would always look forward to seeing all of my fellow seamstress come up with some amazing pieces for their annual RAE challenges and that I just simply enjoyed witnessing all of the talent during the sew alongs.

Here is my version of McCalls pattern 7802. I love everything about the dress. At first sight I thought the dress was a little bore, so I decided to give it a little life by using this soft stretch faux leather, which I picked up from my local Hobby Lobby store. I believe black and leather can always add some spiciness. To finish off the outfit I paired it with these CRAZY COOL Isabelle Marant ankle boots that I picked up from Shop Her Closet pop up shop which was sponsored by Sugar Plum Consignment and lastly topped my outfit off with this beret I picked up from a local estate sale….everything here is budget friendly…and that’s the name of the game YAY!!!! BTW….sorry about the dark pics. It was cloudy day I decided to capture these pictures.

Be Blessed and I hope you loved this look and enjoyed the post.  

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin