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Vision Board and My Small Sewing Space

Hi guys its Tonia.   I wanted to show you my tiny but surprisingly comfortable sewing space and vision board I use for inspiration.  I had to make it work in this little 1 bedroom apartment here in Dallas, TX.

Of course I stalk Pinterest daily and sometimes I print the pictures I really like on 4×6 paper and then cut them out and then pin them on my real live P-interest board.  Everyday I look at it looking for a project I can do for the week.  I left space so that I can add to in when needed.


My sewing room is a very small space in my apartment.  It is a 6×9 space.  It was meant to be an office space. This is what it looked like prior to moving my stuff in.

This is what it looks like now that i have set this small area as my sewing space.Now I know its not perfect and if your sewing space is perfect and perfectly clean, then you are not using it.  I use mine daily.  I clean up and its right back messy again. All the furniture is white and of course came from Ikea. I would guestimate that this whole ikea set up probably cost about around $250.

I have a little store on Etsy where I make and sell dancewear and swimwear (hence the manniquin and stretchy fabric everywhere.  If interested the link is on the blog.

Left Side



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