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Off Shoulder Winter Top – McCall M7849 – Review

Hi guys,

This is my review of the sexy off shoulder top made from McCall Pattern M7836.  I rolled my sleeves up (personal choice) but below there are pictures of the long sleeve finish.

  1. Was this top easy to make? Where the instructions easy?

Yes.  Very easy. The Pattern was easy to read as well.

  1. Which view did you make?

View C

  1. Would you change anything about this pattern?

Yes, I would eliminate the stitching of the 2 front pieces together.  I would just tape the two pattern front pieces together and make one piece.  I did not care for the stitch down the middle of top.

  1. Did you like your fabric choice?

Ehhh, it was o.k.  You know, I went to Joann fabrics for the fabric and they do not have a large diverse selection anyway, so I just chose one and went with it.

  1. What Fabric did you use?

It was a cotton knit.  It almost looked like sweatshirt fabric but not really.  You need a little stretch in your fabric for view C so that you are able to pull it over your head for the next piece.

  1. Did the finished product look like the photo on the pattern envelope?

Yes.  I would say definitely.

  1. Does this pattern fit true to size?

I think so, I always cut a size or two bigger than I need so that I can have room for error.

  1. Would you remake this pattern?

Yes, definitely.  It’s a cute top.

  1. Would you recommend this pattern to others?

Yes.  I love all the views.  I say go for it.


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