Hello, sorry you guys I’ve gotten behind on the blog postings. This is a late post, so today I’m sharing with you all this cutie that I decided to wrap up my summer DIY collection with. This was a quickie DIY. I used this embellish Gardenia sheer print fabric and used #Simplicity pattern 8748 with some alterations. Ok so this DIY originally started off as a calf length top which I was planning on wearing over my crop top and my jeans, but after pulling the outfit together, I wasn’t impressed! So with that being said, I cut it off to an average length top and that brings us to what I’m wearing in the pic, this easy breezy comfortable, but FLY top and (I especially love the collar).  

Be Blessed and I hope you all love this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin

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