Its Friday……. TUTORIAL TIME. Just call me one crafty chic. I love creating all types of stuff and fall is one of those special times of the year that I try to fully express my craftiness through my DIY fall décor. So with a vast variety  of DIY projects, you can create inside home décor,outside home décor or both and it can become a little expensive to say the least. Ok, I Initially went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy all of my supplies because they offered 50% off their fall décor, picked up my goodies, made it to the cash register and the clerk started ringing up my merchandise and as each item was being scanned, I noticed the price was reaching well over $50…… I was like…..oh no, not today…I’m returning this stuff. So fast forward, I gathered all my supplies while being annoyed, I simply skipped my little annoyed self straight over to the $1 DOLLAR store , picked up all the foliage(30 pieces) and fall décor I needed, went to the cash register and voila I left the store only spending $30 plus dollars, however I had to purchase the wreath at Jo-Ann, which was only around $16 with a coupon.  Needless to say I did spend over my $20 budget..HA, but I’m very pleased with the end results and I feel a sense of accomplishment, which to me that’s a feeling money can’t buy.

Be Blessed. I hope you like this post and enjoy the tutorial.

Supplies Needed:

  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wreath
  • Sharp scissors or shears
  • Foliage, berries, mini pumpkins, or just whatever you choose to decorate your wreath

Cut your stem(s) down just enough the make sure that the leafy part(s) are flushed against the wreath, but make sure that you don’t cut it to short because then it will be to short to slide in between the wreath twigs

Gather your foliage pieces together for insertion into the wreath.

Exert just enough glue at the end of the foliage stem to ensure that the foliage stays securely into the wreath, however don’t use to much glue because it can become very messy and sticky….TRUST ME! Once the glue is applied, go ahead and slide the stem into the wreath or either you can first put the stem into wreath and then apply the glue.

So with this step you can use one of the two methods. Depending on the size of your ornament(s) you can either use wreath wire or glue. Personally I find using the glue much easier and quicker.

Ok so once you’ve figured out the way you would like your Foliage to follow and once the pieces have been inserted, PLEASEEEEE don’t panic if your wreath is looking a little CRAY CRAY, because the good news is that you can always go back and re-arrange the pieces by either taking some of the leaf fullness out if its to much or add more leafiness is desired. By the way….YALL this is one of my favorite shirts, I specially wear it when I’m around my kids….. I know thats mean…lol

Little DJ wanted to make a grand appearance….lol

Voilà……here’s my DIY wreath!!!


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