Hey. Today I’m sharing this DIY top made using a Butterick pattern with some alterations. After making the top, I thought to myself, this top is BLUH looking, so I decided to add 2 rows of ruffles at the bottom of the top and slightly pleated each sleeve cap to add some volume. So overall I was pleased with the finished results. I would say it was an easy to top to put together.

Now onto this skirt…..LOOK let me tell ya! Ok so first I attempted to make a pair of fitted high waist wide leg pants, but as you can see, it’s now a skirt. Anyway, I had major fitting issues with the pants. I cut them according to my size, but for whatever reason, I had a lot of slack in the crotch area and the waist was extremely high. Now granted, I knew that they were supposed to be high-waisted pants, but dude, the pants came up to high . So after numerous attempts of trying to make adjustments such as taking the pants in a bit more in the crotch area(unfortunately that didn’t work), I tried tapering down the “high-waisted” part(that didn’t work) and lastly, I went back to the store and bought some fabric and started ALL over again and guess what…same issue!!!!  

So that brings you to my attempted DIY pants refashioned into this cool skirt! I cut the pants at the knees, took the seams a loose between the legs, sewn the 2 front sections together and cut off the excess fabric and repeated the same steps for the back area and viola…… we have the IMFAMOUS SKIRT…LOL. Oh yeah….I used stretch twill that I bought from Jo-Ann fabrics.  

Although this project was very discouraging after my failed pants attempt and the fact that I had to take a few days from working on it to regroup, I picked it back up a few days later, conquered it and I’m now satisfied with the complete look.

Be Blessed. I hope you enjoyed this post and like this look.

XOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin

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