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Lemon Print Top – V9238 PATTERN REVIEW

I’m going to reiterate what seems to be this past years phrase that when life gives you lemons just make lemonade.  I did just that with this top made from Vogue pattern V9238.

The pattern looked pretty simple with only 15 steps but for me (and maybe I’m a little slower than others 😬) I found that the directions were not that easy to interpret.  Especially when attaching pieces 5 and 6 (the straps and shirt front piece strap).

Next, my fabric choice wasn’t exactly perfect either.  I only paid $2 for it at Fabric Wherehouse here in Dallas. I thought it was cute because of the print but it is very important to choose the correct fabric according to what your project is.  This fabric was hard to sew with.  It was light weight, no stretch and it kept rolling up on the ends.  Nightmare!

My top did not end up like the pattern shows (did you notice?) because I got confused in reading what the pattern was trying to say.  So if you are making this top, let me know your experience with it.  This was supposed to be an easy top but I disagree.  It was not that easy.

All in all.  The top ended up working itself out.  I honestly was going to just chunk it in the oh well I won’t be wearing this bin but I made it work. Would I make this top again? Most likely NOT! I’m not big on making patterns multiple times but if I needed to this one would be on the bottom of my list.

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