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Burda Pattern 6573 Review/Picture Tutorial – Green Pants


Cut all your pattern pieces out.  I made view B!

Now, Pin and sew your pleats

This is what it should look like.

Now do your other leg.  You are only pleating the back.

After that, pin a front and back leg and sew.

Do both legs!

Put both pieces on top.  Right sides together.

Stitch.  Stop at the zipper.

After you stitch.  install your zipper.  I put my zipper too high,  Make sure the end of the zipper stops at edge of pants.

Grab the zipper foot!

Stitch your zipper on.

You should have pants not.  Get

Stitch pattern piece #3 to the front of your pants.

Like this.

Grab your pockets!

Stitched one pocket on the front and back of each side of your pants,

Mark your placements if needed.  I did.

Put right sides together

Stitch the pants leg all the way down.  Leave opening for the pockets and also stitch closed the pocket,

Up zip the pants and add the back waist band.

There should be two pieces.

Pin to the top of pants (look at pattern piece if needed)  Match seams together.

Stitch 5/8 of a inch around.

Now fold over and get ready to stitch down.

like this!

Stitch from the outside.  Make sure the back in stitched as you sew.

This is what it looks like.  Your pants are all done.  All you need to do is Hem


Overall the pattern was pretty easy.  I think my pattern choice wasn’t that great.  The pants were hard to iron.  Would I make again.  Probably not.  Just because I had a few fit issues.  I didnt like how the front piece of the pants was really small.  It was kinda weird.  I was able to get away with how it turned out.  Also, I think that maybe because I am a curvy woman that that had a lot to do with the fitting issues.  I cut a 16.  Also always cut aleast 1 or 2 sizes bigger especially if you are curvy.

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