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Hi Guys. I’m sharing with you all my calf length self-drafted pencil skirt with a ruffled hem and this DIY blouse neck bow-tie. The skirt has enough stretch which provides you with enough mobility to walk . In another post I plan on sharing a 30 minute pencil skirt tutorial, which will give you the steps on how to take your measurements, the easy steps it takes to put the skirt together and what type of fabric to use. Dont be scared. Its super simple

These colors are a perfect combination. A solid white shirt with a navy and white pinstripe skirt with a sexy flounce. This is a timeless style.

Be blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post and like this look.


XOXOXO….Ms.Kim Austin

Pattern Review

Lemon Print Top – V9238 PATTERN REVIEW

I’m going to reiterate what seems to be this past years phrase that when life gives you lemons just make lemonade.  I did just that with this top made from Vogue pattern V9238.

The pattern looked pretty simple with only 15 steps but for me (and maybe I’m a little slower than others 😬) I found that the directions were not that easy to interpret.  Especially when attaching pieces 5 and 6 (the straps and shirt front piece strap).

Next, my fabric choice wasn’t exactly perfect either.  I only paid $2 for it at Fabric Wherehouse here in Dallas. I thought it was cute because of the print but it is very important to choose the correct fabric according to what your project is.  This fabric was hard to sew with.  It was light weight, no stretch and it kept rolling up on the ends.  Nightmare!

My top did not end up like the pattern shows (did you notice?) because I got confused in reading what the pattern was trying to say.  So if you are making this top, let me know your experience with it.  This was supposed to be an easy top but I disagree.  It was not that easy.

All in all.  The top ended up working itself out.  I honestly was going to just chunk it in the oh well I won’t be wearing this bin but I made it work. Would I make this top again? Most likely NOT! I’m not big on making patterns multiple times but if I needed to this one would be on the bottom of my list.



Hello. This is outfit is an oldie, but goodie. I included my recent pics with some old pics. So after watching the season premiere of POWER a couple of weeks ago, by the way, it was crazyyy…. that Tariq and Dre had me piping HOT!. Any-who, I decided to play around with and make some fun power moves of my own with this DIY tunic made using #simplicitypattern 8064, these super cool jogger pants made with#voguepattern 8909 and this self-drafted off the shoulder top. As you can see there’s many ways to rock these 3 pieces. I was taking off, putting on, arranging, rearranging clothes with no mirror and still trying to look put together all within 30mins. Needless to say, I was working against time… so yeah, I would consider that experience a POWER move. Goal accomplished . Catch up with you guys later.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed the post and like look.

XOXOX…..Ms. Kim Austin



Hello guys….Late Post. This DIY is a one off the shoulder top. Top was made using mccallspattern 7753. This is also another DIY made with striped shirting fabric. In my opinion shirting material is great for this weather, because it’s a really thin fabric and you have a vast variety of pieces of summertime garments you can make with this fabric. Top paired with express women’s slacks, gucci slide in mules and patricanash calf hair/leather clutch. 

Be blessed and I hope you all enjoyed the post and like the look

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin



10 things I wish I could tell my younger self about Sewing

  1. Learn about fabric choices.I have only been sewing for 7 years.  I struggle with fabric choices still today but I am getting better.  Make this more of a priority when you start it will make a huge difference in messed up projects and frustrations of choosing the wrong fabrics for certain projects.
  2. Don’t take Joann Classes.  It won’t hurt but I feel like mostly they were a waste of money.  If you must take classes, hire a professional to teach you.  I think you should start with the very easy patterns and work yourself up to the harder ones.  That is how you will learn, through trial and error.
  3. Take a class on fitting basics early in the beginning of your sewing.I took a class at the fashion institute in Memphis two years ago and I would have benefited from taking it early on in my sewing career.  There were girls in that class that were still in high school.
  4. Making mistakes are good.There is no getting better without mistakes.   You are good at trial and error so embrace the mistakes.
  5. Make sure that you have a very inspiring creative space.You can think and create better if you have a space that is special and relaxing.
  6. Find and take a class on reading patterns.Whew this will be your biggest struggle.  You will read those patterns and try to look at the picture and try to figure out what it’s all trying say.  You will waste hours on figuring it out, get frustrated and quit that project.
  7. Hang with like-minded people.I didn’t start hanging with other sewers until 4 or 5 years into my sewing life.  You can learn a lot from others and they can learn from you as well so find sewing groups or buddies early.
  8. Learn to take measurements.There will be many times when you will rush and not truly measure correctly and you will throw away many garments for this reason.  Do it right in the beginning so that this will not be an issue later.
  9. Learn to take a break from frustrating projects.Clear your head and then give it another go.  Otherwise you will maintain at least 10 unfinished projects at any given time.
  10. Do not sew for others while you are still in the learning phase.You will get frustrated and have all kinds of issues if you don’t learn for yourself first.  It can take years to master sewing.  Wait until you know you can do it instead of sewing for others just because they ask you to.

This is my advice to the younger Tonia.  If only I could do it all over.  Since I can’t.  All you beginner sewers can take heed to my advice.  I promise I won’t steer you wrong.  Happy Sewing! 😀



Hello….. So as you can see by my STRUT, I’m loving this effortless DIY shift dress. When considering what you’re planning to wear for perhaps a date night, you shouldn’t have to think to long when you have this dress hanging up in your closet. This little number is so easy to wear. You can easily just add some simple accessories to spruce it up. With this dress, I chose to pair it up with my black fish-net stockings, threw on my red pumps and carried this super fly DIY red fringe lamb leather fold-over clutch purse, which I posted in a previous post. For the most part, when it comes to fashion…..I want it to be a painless experience…HA! So with that being said, you could never go wrong with a shift dress.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post and like the look.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin

Pattern Review Pattern Sew Along

Vogue Pattern V9297 – Photo Sew Along (Independence Day Top)


Hi guys this is Tonia coming to you with another photo sew along.  I do these photo sew alongs because I want to give back to you guys because I know the struggle is real when it comes to these patterns.  When I begin a pattern, I do an automatic internet search to see if someone has a tutorial or some enlightenment of their experience of sewing this pattern.  It helps me.  If i get confused on the pattern instructions and it is difficult to figure out, someone who has already sewn the pattern is definitely a great help to me.  Or, if you are like me and HATE reading the pattern, seeing a tutorial is ALWAYS great and makes it easier.  Whenever I sew from a pattern I will always review it and take pictures of my every step and if you have questions, you can always email me.  I will certainly help if you get stumped .  Overall, I really liked doing this pattern.  I was pretty easy to follow.  I give it a B+.  I would make it again if I saw a need to.

Only 5 pattern pieces.  Make sure they are all cut out and make sure you have your notions… 22inch zipper and double fold bias tape.

Take your upper front piece #4 and sew your darts. Mare sure you do darts on both sides.   I marked mine first.  Cut them after you have sewn them and press open.  (see pics below)

Grab your pattern piece #5.  This is the back of your top.  Also, pin your darts on both pieces and sew.

These are you two back pieces with the darts.

Now put both sides together.  Right sides facing.

Stitch your shoulders and sides.

Now grab your pattern piece #6, lower back.

Right here you are going to sew only the bottom.  (look at instructions as needed as a guide as well).  There should be a notch you marked so that you will know where to stop.  Go Stitch that and stop at the point.  DONOT go all the way up.  Your zipper will go in the remaining open space.

Grab Lower front pattern piece #7.  No put them right sides together and stitch the sides together.

This is what your skirt will look like.  Remember the back is open for the 22 inch zipper.

Now take your top and bottom and sew together.  Put right sides together.  I inserted my top in the skirt.  I matched up notches and pinned.  Then I stitched.

Like this!

ok. grab your belt piece.  Pattern piece #8.   I chose navy blue because of my red white and blue theme and all.  🤣


Fold in half and stitched.  You will close one end up.  You will be turning it inside out and pressing flat.  I noticed that one of mine was a little bigger than other but it was too later.  I had already attached it.  You will see once I get the zipper in.  So make sure they are about the same size.

FYI – Before I closed my end.  I inserted a large safety pin below the stitched end, on the inside.  It allowed me to work the pin down to be able to turn the band inside out.  If you have a better method.  Please feel free to do it your way.

Next your gonna pin your ens to the back of your shirt in middle where the bottom and top meet.  Stitch down.  Stitch one on each side.  Stitch 1/4 th of an inch.

Should look like this.

Grab your zipper foot and stitch in your zipper on each side.  I know we hate zippers but they are necessary.

See this is where I was talking about my bands being a little different in sizes.

Grab your bias tape and start pinning.  Pin both armholes and then your neck line.

I cut this pattern wayyy to big for me.  So, I had to go back and add darts at my neckline and take in my should area about another inch and half.

Boom.  Your shirt is done.


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Pattern Review

Burda Pattern 6573 Review/Picture Tutorial – Green Pants


Cut all your pattern pieces out.  I made view B!

Now, Pin and sew your pleats

This is what it should look like.

Now do your other leg.  You are only pleating the back.

After that, pin a front and back leg and sew.

Do both legs!

Put both pieces on top.  Right sides together.

Stitch.  Stop at the zipper.

After you stitch.  install your zipper.  I put my zipper too high,  Make sure the end of the zipper stops at edge of pants.

Grab the zipper foot!

Stitch your zipper on.

You should have pants not.  Get

Stitch pattern piece #3 to the front of your pants.

Like this.

Grab your pockets!

Stitched one pocket on the front and back of each side of your pants,

Mark your placements if needed.  I did.

Put right sides together

Stitch the pants leg all the way down.  Leave opening for the pockets and also stitch closed the pocket,

Up zip the pants and add the back waist band.

There should be two pieces.

Pin to the top of pants (look at pattern piece if needed)  Match seams together.

Stitch 5/8 of a inch around.

Now fold over and get ready to stitch down.

like this!

Stitch from the outside.  Make sure the back in stitched as you sew.

This is what it looks like.  Your pants are all done.  All you need to do is Hem


Overall the pattern was pretty easy.  I think my pattern choice wasn’t that great.  The pants were hard to iron.  Would I make again.  Probably not.  Just because I had a few fit issues.  I didnt like how the front piece of the pants was really small.  It was kinda weird.  I was able to get away with how it turned out.  Also, I think that maybe because I am a curvy woman that that had a lot to do with the fitting issues.  I cut a 16.  Also always cut aleast 1 or 2 sizes bigger especially if you are curvy.