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Little Red Dress – Simplicity Pattern Review 8380 (Follow Along Instructions)

This dress was fairly easy, especially since I did not use a zip and lining.  I did not need it.  This fabric was very stretchy and thick.  I wouldn’t say a beginner could do this pattern someone who has read a few patterns and understand some concepts of sewing can do this pattern easily. Overall, I really like how it turned out and although I probably wouldn’t make it again.  I encourage you to do so.  Below are my directions to the dress I made.  I made it according to the pattern I just skipped a couple of steps.   I give this pattern a  👍!

Cut all your patterns pieces out. (I know mine look all jumbled up right now)🤪

This is pattern piece 1.

Pin Darts and Sew

See 🤣

Now Stitch!

Grab Back piece – Pattern piece 2 (do same as above)

When you have both sides darts completed, Pin sides and neck strap (see pic)  Go and sew

When all that is done!  Go and grab piece 3.  This is your binding. for the neck part.  Pay very close attention to the next pictures.

Lay right sides together and stitch about 1/4th of an inch.



Now  you are going to fold over to the back side and pin.

Like this! Then stitch

This is how it should look!

I tried to turn this picture but it wouldn’t turn.  But this is how you should be stitching.  Very close to the to the other seam.


This is what the inside will look like.

Now lets do the arm hole the same way.

Pin and Stitch first.

Then insert right sides together… and stitch

Just like before.  This is what it will look like.

Now fold over and pin to look like this.

Now Stitch!

A little crooked but here ya go! 🤣

Put this top to the side and grab your 2 mid drift pieces 5&6.

Stitch both ends together using 5/8 of an inch.  Attached the piece to the top and put aside.

Stitch your pockets on each skirt, right sides together

Put both pieces together and stitch sides of skirt and pockets (look at the pattern for guidance) I didn’t get pictures of these steps

When you are done with the skirt.  Grab your top and put inside of top with right sides together, line up seams and stitch the other end of the top to the skirt.

This is a good picture.


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