Hello Everyone. Today’s outfit is this DIY milk chocolate color top and this DIY dark chocolate color skirt. I’m referring to this post as 7 shades of brown because I’m showcasing a variety of browns and yes that’s including my nail and toe polish…HA. This is one of the easiest outfits to put together, because of the simplicity of the skirt and the top. I would say that both pieces were pretty easy to make. It took me about 30 min top to assemble the skirt together. The skirt only required 1 yard of stretch knit fabric and the only thing I had to do was measure the skirt, sew-up a middle back seam and add an inch and 1/2 seam at top of the skirt……YEP thats all. The top was made made using a simplicity dress pattern. I altered the pattern by making it into a shirt(unfortunately I cant think of the pattern number). Overall this is a quick go to date night outfit.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoy the post.  

XOXOXO…….Ms. Kim Austin

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