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30 Minute – DIY Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt – Tutorial

I love pencil skirts!  You can dress them up for work or casual.   They never go out of style.  I recently made a red one out of some left over fabric I have and also a green one.  You will probably see these skirts in future posts.  I had some random fabric laying around the house so I decided to make this skirt out of it.  Below are the instructions.

Please note that this skirt is really super duper easy.  You must have some sort of 4 way stretch fabric.  You can use two way but make sure you cut the skirt to where the stretch is on the hips.



Grab a poster board and an old skirt that you really love the fit and draw around it on the poster board.  Dont worry it does not have to be perfect but try to get it as perfect as YOU can.  When you cut it out, your lines will be more straight.

Next cut a waist band.  It needs to be 4 inches by whatever your waist is size is.  If you are a 25 inch waist.  Cut a 12.5 x 4.  You will cut two of these.


Now that my skirt is cut.  Pin Sides and stitch down.

This is what your two pieces will look like.

Stitch down the side of your skirt and stitch both ends of your waist bands together.  Fold over like the picture.

Your skirt should be right side showing and your band too.  Put your band on top of the skirt and get ready to pin and stitch down.

Start by lining up and pinning your seems together right sides together.

Should look like this.

and this!

Go to the machine and stitch (as shown in the picture.  Stitch the inside all the way around.  Dont forget to back stitch.  NOTE:  Use a zig zag stitch.  I learned the hard way and had to go back and redo the stitch.

Now you have a skirt!

THis is what the inside looks like.  You surely can serge if you want.  It will make your garment look more finished.d

Hem your skirt!


There is your perfect little skirt.  For real a beginner can do this skirt!  It is so easy.  Have fun.  Tag us on Instagram if you decide to make one from my directions.  @kimandtonia

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