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June 2018

DIY Sewing

30 Minute – DIY Mustard Yellow Pencil Skirt – Tutorial

I love pencil skirts!  You can dress them up for work or casual.   They never go out of style.  I recently made a red one out of some left over fabric I have and also a green one.  You will probably see these skirts in future posts.  I had some random fabric laying around the house so I decided to make this skirt out of it.  Below are the instructions.

Please note that this skirt is really super duper easy.  You must have some sort of 4 way stretch fabric.  You can use two way but make sure you cut the skirt to where the stretch is on the hips.



Grab a poster board and an old skirt that you really love the fit and draw around it on the poster board.  Dont worry it does not have to be perfect but try to get it as perfect as YOU can.  When you cut it out, your lines will be more straight.

Next cut a waist band.  It needs to be 4 inches by whatever your waist is size is.  If you are a 25 inch waist.  Cut a 12.5 x 4.  You will cut two of these.


Now that my skirt is cut.  Pin Sides and stitch down.

This is what your two pieces will look like.

Stitch down the side of your skirt and stitch both ends of your waist bands together.  Fold over like the picture.

Your skirt should be right side showing and your band too.  Put your band on top of the skirt and get ready to pin and stitch down.

Start by lining up and pinning your seems together right sides together.

Should look like this.

and this!

Go to the machine and stitch (as shown in the picture.  Stitch the inside all the way around.  Dont forget to back stitch.  NOTE:  Use a zig zag stitch.  I learned the hard way and had to go back and redo the stitch.

Now you have a skirt!

THis is what the inside looks like.  You surely can serge if you want.  It will make your garment look more finished.d

Hem your skirt!


There is your perfect little skirt.  For real a beginner can do this skirt!  It is so easy.  Have fun.  Tag us on Instagram if you decide to make one from my directions.  @kimandtonia

Pattern Review

Little Red Dress – Simplicity Pattern Review 8380 (Follow Along Instructions)

This dress was fairly easy, especially since I did not use a zip and lining.  I did not need it.  This fabric was very stretchy and thick.  I wouldn’t say a beginner could do this pattern someone who has read a few patterns and understand some concepts of sewing can do this pattern easily. Overall, I really like how it turned out and although I probably wouldn’t make it again.  I encourage you to do so.  Below are my directions to the dress I made.  I made it according to the pattern I just skipped a couple of steps.   I give this pattern a  👍!

Cut all your patterns pieces out. (I know mine look all jumbled up right now)🤪

This is pattern piece 1.

Pin Darts and Sew

See 🤣

Now Stitch!

Grab Back piece – Pattern piece 2 (do same as above)

When you have both sides darts completed, Pin sides and neck strap (see pic)  Go and sew

When all that is done!  Go and grab piece 3.  This is your binding. for the neck part.  Pay very close attention to the next pictures.

Lay right sides together and stitch about 1/4th of an inch.



Now  you are going to fold over to the back side and pin.

Like this! Then stitch

This is how it should look!

I tried to turn this picture but it wouldn’t turn.  But this is how you should be stitching.  Very close to the to the other seam.


This is what the inside will look like.

Now lets do the arm hole the same way.

Pin and Stitch first.

Then insert right sides together… and stitch

Just like before.  This is what it will look like.

Now fold over and pin to look like this.

Now Stitch!

A little crooked but here ya go! 🤣

Put this top to the side and grab your 2 mid drift pieces 5&6.

Stitch both ends together using 5/8 of an inch.  Attached the piece to the top and put aside.

Stitch your pockets on each skirt, right sides together

Put both pieces together and stitch sides of skirt and pockets (look at the pattern for guidance) I didn’t get pictures of these steps

When you are done with the skirt.  Grab your top and put inside of top with right sides together, line up seams and stitch the other end of the top to the skirt.

This is a good picture.




Hello, I made this One self-drafted DIY dress, two different looks  about a few months ago. I love the versatility of this pleated strapless maxi dress. As you can see, this dress can stand alone with very limited accessories. Its a great summertime dress because it’s made with light weight shirting fabric or it can be worn with a nice clean crisp Express Portofino top for those upcoming fall weather days. When it comes to pieces of clothing, I love to have options in reference to being able to rock and style it in different ways.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin




Hey everyone. This DIY is a very soft silky black lined cropped shrug that I paired with my favorite pair of Banana Republic pants, calf-hair cheetah print/leather belt and my amazing calf-half Steve Madden pumps. What a perfect piece of garment that can be worn for those “cold work place” temperatures and also because its light weight and thin, you can rock it during those hot summer temperatures. So in essences, I get a 2 for 1 special….lol. I like how easy this shrug was to put together. The instructions were pretty straight forward with minimum pattern pieces to work with. Unfortunately I cant remember the pattern I used, but I do know it was a Simplicity pattern, however if your interested in making this shrug, Butterick has pattern B5529 which offers a variations of different lengths and styles.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin





Hi Everyone:  So, this is my anticipated Sunday Remix Refashion project.  I bought this dress at a thrift store for 4 bucks.  It is a stretch, spandex material so I decided to make it some workout pants. All I did was turn the dress inside out and laid a pair of workout pants that I already had on top of the dress and cut around, using the pants as a pattern. I then stitched it all together and boom  PANTS.  I am all ready for this boot camp I go to on Monday and Wednesdays in Dallas.



Hello Everyone. Today’s outfit is this DIY milk chocolate color top and this DIY dark chocolate color skirt. I’m referring to this post as 7 shades of brown because I’m showcasing a variety of browns and yes that’s including my nail and toe polish…HA. This is one of the easiest outfits to put together, because of the simplicity of the skirt and the top. I would say that both pieces were pretty easy to make. It took me about 30 min top to assemble the skirt together. The skirt only required 1 yard of stretch knit fabric and the only thing I had to do was measure the skirt, sew-up a middle back seam and add an inch and 1/2 seam at top of the skirt……YEP thats all. The top was made made using a simplicity dress pattern. I altered the pattern by making it into a shirt(unfortunately I cant think of the pattern number). Overall this is a quick go to date night outfit.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoy the post.  

XOXOXO…….Ms. Kim Austin

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix Refashion – Ugly Dress Redo (VIDEO)


Hi everyone.  I know its been a couple of weeks since I posted the Sunday Remix.  But I am back!   I found this dress,  I want to say for $3 but it could’ve been $4 or $5, I am not quite sure.   Anywho… I laid this dress on the floor and just started cutting… I actually cut it to my actual size but I did not realize that it did not have any stretch. So, I literally had to squeeze in it.  I put elastic around the breast area for support and added a belt.   You know these projects can be hit or miss –  you just go for it and hope for the best.  Hope you like it.





Hi everyone:  I wanted to showcase this DIY skirt I threw together from Mimi G’s You Tube channel (video below).  I have nothing but good things to say about the skirt.  Its cute and fun.  The instructions were easy to follow.  The thing that took the longest was making the pattern using your measurements.  After that it is smooth sailing.  The video is less than 30 mins long.

I pulled out my stash of random fabric and choose this fabric that I really liked. The picture does not really show it’s cuteness. 🙂  I got this fabric at Wherehouse fabrics here in Dallas. It is kinda thin and light weight.  It was I think $2 a yard.


I love Mimi G’s You tube tutorials.  I give this tutorial a thumbs up!

DIY Handbag DIY

DIY clutch bag with handle (Pinterest inspired)

Hi guys, this post is for this cute little clutch with a handle I made.  I found a pic on Pinterest and thought hmmm that’s a good idea.  I can remake that.  I found some metal circle handles at hobby lobby for maybe 3 bucks.  They were thin and so I didn’t really like them.  So, you know me, I hit up a thrift store and found an old purse with rectangle handles on them.  I bought the purse for $3 and removed the hardware.

First I got a poster board and made a quick pattern. It was 8.5×12.5

Items Needed!

1.      One zipper.  I bought a 12 inch.

2.      Pattern (See pic above)

3.      Fabric (I used some blue leather I already had.

4.      Lining

5.      Handle that you got from thrift store or hobby lobby

Cut out our pattern from your main fabric and lining….  I changed my lining at the last minute

Since there are so many of these tutorials, I won’t reinvent the wheel.  See the link for instructions on putting your bag together.

NOTE:  Before you close your bag up around the edges, make sure you add your handle.  Sew it on and make sure it is enclosed on the inside of the bag so that when you turn it inside out it will be laying correctly.

That’s it!




Good Morning, everyone. This will be a very short post. Today’s DIY  is this faux wrap red(yes some more red) dress using vogue pattern 8825. I actually made this dress a few years ago, but only worn perhaps maybe once or twice, so I decided to pull it out and recapture some pics like I’m about to finesse my way into Tuesday like WHATS UP (SMILE). This is yet another one of my DIY FAVS. Well I’m about to leave it here. Catch up with you later.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed this brief post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin