Time capsule Tuesday – Headboard Makeover

Time Capsule Tuesday… lol – I know, I know….  I just made that up.  😋🤣 I just wanted to show you my old headboard that I got from Pier One a few years ago.  The foe leather started to peel and so I decided to recover it.  I don’t have all the steps with the pictures but here is what I did in 3 steps…


  1. Looked for the screws on the back of the headboard and unscrewed them, removing the inner wood with the foe leather fabric on it.


  1. I didn’t remove the foe leather fabric I just recovered it with some fabric from my hoarding stash. 🤪 I used a staple gun to secure the fabric tightly.


  1. Next, I put the screws back in and there you have it. A brand new refashioned headboard.  Not to mention a new look for my space.


Take an old head board from the thrift store or in your home and redo it without spending hundreds of dollars on a new one.


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