Happy Saturday. I’m still here in the DR and loving it, however I put a few minutes aside to photograph another one of my DIY pieces. A while back a young lady sent me a pic of this jumpsuit and asked if I could make this jumpsuit for her and I quickly accepted the request. Lets just say, she was pleased. Any who, I thought to myself and said self, I think this would be another winner for your Dominican Republic trip, so guess what, I decided to copy her outfit….LOL. I Made the pants using a simplicity pattern that unfortunately I cant seem to remember at the moment and the bodice was self-drafted. The outfit is so cute, but I especially like the strappy back and the wide leg pants.

I picked up this blue and white striped with red embroidery fabric from Jo Ann fabric. When I purchased the fabric, I had already decided that I wanted the bottom of the pants to end with the embroidery portion, the end of the back tie, and on a portion of the bodice. Because the way the fabric was cut, I had to be strategic with the way I cut the pattern pieces out to achieve this desired look. Overall I’m very pleased and will making this again in the near future.

Be Blessed and I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin

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