Hey guys. What’s good? Today’s DIY is this AMAZING red full-length vest!!!. Guys you know what, I’m so blessed in MANY ways and with one of them being able to duplicate, replicate, create and produce some amazing pieces of clothing along with so many other things. Since my youth, I’ve always been crafty and intrigued in how certain things were made and how I could  recreate that particular thing(whatever that may be). So once I entered into Jr. High, home economic was my favorite course, because while I was at school, it still allowed me to fully engage in what I enjoyed the most e.g., cooking, sewing, household skills, decorating, and so much more, things that I would normally do at home(yea I’m a homemaker type of a gal, just call me Suzy homemaker..HA!).Ya’ll I just like creating STUFF….anything DIY gets my undivided attention. I promise before I buy certain items, I’m always thinking….. hmmmm I wonder if I could make that. Honestly, I believe if I really gave my all into all things DIY, I could easily slash my spending expenses in half, BUT unfortunately time and just life hasn’t allotted me that luxury. Ok enough with my ramblings and on to this cutie right here. I’m head over heels with the solid red color, the lapel collar, the pocket action and that its sleeveless. Oh and it has a back slit, which provides me more mobility while walking.

Once again, I present to you all another “almost” UFO(unfinished outfit) that I started working on about a year ago, only to resume finishing it up within the last week. So you ask, what took me so long to complete it? Well like I mentioned in a previous post, once I start working on a project and if I hit a rough patch concerning the construction of the garment, the thrill is gone and I typically move on to the next project, unless its something I am absolutely determined to finish. Needless to say, I hit that patch and moved on.

Ok so there where 2 issues about this vest that I didn’t like. I’m not trilled about how the front 2 panels(I’m not sure what to call them) wont lay completely flat. I don’t like the fact that when I walk the panels will puff up with air and expand vs lying flat….if that makes sense. I tried the top stitch options, but to no avail and lastly, because of my laziness I serged the whole vest with black thread… looked so tacky with the red fabric. Yes, at the time I was to tired to change out the serger thread. Fast forward to the current. I’m accepting the side panels catching air as I walk..SIGH… and I went back over the vest and cut off most of the black serger thread and re-serged it with red thread. Conclusion: I’m at peace with it and find myself loving it even more, because of the versatility. It can be dressed up with a nice pair of slacks or skirt or it can be dressed down with a nice pair of jeans or shorts.

Be Blessed. I hope you like this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin

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