Hey guys. I hope everyone enjoyed their fantastic 3 day weekend! Okay so I’m giving you guys a 2 for 1 dose of creativity…HA! This DIY Ankara print lightweight jacket is an oldie which I made roughly around a year ago, but unfortunately never got a chance to rock it, because I wasn’t 100% percent sold on it. However, after looking through my fabric stash, I came across her and I thought to myself, let’s me see if I can make something work with this jacket and voila, she came through. Moving on, so I paired this jacket with an old pair of Zara pants that I’ve had for maybe 12 years now, HOWEVER, they were to short, so my creativity light bulb came on and I decided to cut about 3 inches of fabric out around the calve area and then I re-attached the flare part of the bottom of the pants to that same area that I originally cut out in order to create these ankle length flare pants. Easy right (smile).

Be Blessed. I hope you like this look and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin

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