Hi everyone.  Happy Humpday!  Last night I made this easy DIY laundry basket.  It was so easy.  A beginner sewer could definitely make this with no problems.

You can see the tutorial I found HERE.  I will not break down how to make this bag.  The tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess Blog is great.  It only has like 11 steps for making this bag.

My photos below just shows me in the process of making the Laundry Bag.   I will say that I love this heavy duty outdoors fabric.  I feel that this bag is sturdy and will last forever.  I love the print.  I love to travel and it has a bunch of places on my bucket list I would like to visit before I kick the budget.  🤣  The fabric is colorful and I love that.  I love color.

I can see the bag being made for kids rooms out of all kinds of fabrics with superheroes or cars printed on them.    That would be so adorable.

This first picture:  I noticed that the instructions said to use like a tray or a round surface to make you circle base.  Well, all I had was my bar stool.  I traced that on a poster board and then added the extra inches to it according to the tutorial instructions.

This is the fabric i chose from Joann’s. It was in sale for $6 a yard i think.

Next, I cut my big pieces according to the tutorial.

I didn’t want boring beige straps so I dyed mine. It wasn’t too messy.

Next was the stitching.

Then the ironing.

Then the end result.

I say make this bag.  When you are done you will feel great and love love love the outcome.

Tonia Y


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