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Hi guys. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Man the days, weeks, and months are really flying by, can you believe almost half of the year is already behind us. Time waits for no one, which brings me to the topic of this dress I’m wearing. While during some spring cleaning I came across this UFO (unfinished outfit) lets just say I started on this project around July 2017 and unfortunately didn’t pick it back up until last week sometime. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t see the project through until now, well for me whenever I hit a rough patch in reference to sewing issues or difficulties, I sometimes find myself getting discouraged and just simply tossing it to the side and moving on to the next project.

So in this particular case, I was having issues with the neck band and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to lie down smoothly like is should(which neckbands are STILL something I struggle with SIGH). I took this neck band seam a-loose and re-attached it in what seemed liked 100 times to the point where I was tearing up the fabric, so I was like screw this, I’m over it!!

Moving along, after recently coming across this dress while cleaning, I decided to pull this baby back out and give this neck band thang another try WELP I still didn’t get it right to the point where I was satisfied. Oh and yeah, I actually made a detachable black collar to wear over this jacked up neckband, but hadn’t realized that I didn’t wear it until I got home and started looking through the pics and I was like hmmmm something is missing and yep I forgot to add the collar…. I was so disappointed. But you know what, I’m still going to rock this baby because I like everything about this dress and I specifically made the dress in this color to rock with these BAD *** pair of Valentino shoes that I’ve only wore once (I buy shoes, just to let them collect dust in my closet, but that’s a whole nothing post). Lastly, I made a few alterations to dress by adding ruffled sleeves and a ruffled hem.

Be blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms.Kim Austin


Ginger Tea and the Health Benefits of Drinking it

Ginger Tea has some great benefits.  I drink it all the time.  It is soothing and it tastes great.

The ingredients are just Fresh Ginger Root, Lemons, and Raw Honey.

I heat my water in a coffee cup, I peel the ginger root and then cut up into small pieces.  Next, add freshly squeezed lemon juice into the water (you can even put a couple of slices in the water if you want), then add honey to taste.  There is no set amount for either ingredient.  If you use more Ginger then it will taste a little stronger and spicier.  Ginger is the beneficial ingredient in the drink.  So make it to your taste.

Below are some benefits of drinking Ginger Tea (there are so many other benefits) but these are some of the reasons why I drink it.

·        This tea prevents nausea…

·        Reduces inflammation

·        Helps respiratory problems

·        Improves blood circulation

·        Helps the immune system

·        Relieves stress

I have gained a new liking for collecting coffee cups.  This is one of my weekend cups.  Cute cup huh? And, It holds true to one of my great questions in life J.  We all need an extra day on the weekends!!!

I say drink this daily.

Bar Review


Happy Tuesday Peeps. After a long exhausting week, me and my girlfriends decided to meet up for drinks and just to catch up on social issue, so we all agreed to hit up this local trendy night spot on the outskirts of Downtown Memphis by the name of Mollie Fontaine (its a Memphis historical landmark, with a dark history….ohhhhh). Ok so let’s get to the juicy details about this swanky little place, the quick and short version. From the information I’ve gathered in reference to the history of this “haunted house” is that back in the early 1800, this house was built by a fellow named Nolan Fontaine which he actually built the home for his daughter Mollie Fontaine and her husband as a wedding gift. So apparently they moved in and all was going well until Mollie lost a child shortly after childbirth and not to soon after that her husband died (which the child and the husband both died in the same room that is referred to as the “Rose Room”)

After being emotionally crushed, Mollie went on to remarry again in 1883 and she sadly lost another child with her new husband. Neither one of her kids lived to see adulthood and then later she passed away in 1917. It’s said that although her physical body is gone, her spirit still lives in the home with a few other ghost(which I don’t believe in, but any-who). According to the legend, some people have stated that “Mollie Woodruff Henning’s ghost became more active. She often hangs out in her old bedroom, known as the Rose Room, on the 2nd floor. She is known to sit on the bed leaving dents so people know she was there. Since the Rose Room is roped off to tours no one is allowed close to this bed. Visitors have seen the rocking chair move in this room and the bed covers rustle. It is here where people note drastic changes in the temperature” Reference: Today the Woodruff Fontaine House is a tourist spot and has been featured on SYFY ghost hunters. Click here

The Fontaines actually lived and died in the house across the street from the Mollie Fontaine Lounge. The lounge is an old Victorian mansion that has been remodeled into one of the coolest places in the city. When we initially pulled up to the lounge, we were like hmmmm, now this place looks a little creepy, but upon entering the home, I was excited to see what the inside revealed. So after going in, I was taken back a bit of how different, weird(in a good way), stylish, and trendy the placed looked on the inside; the setup is so cute and not ordinary to say the least. The lounge has 2 levels from what I could see. When you first walk in you have a 2 person live band singing, 2 lounging areas and a bar. On the second floor there’s also a bar and 2 different lounging sitting areas. It’s an relaxed atmosphere. They don’t have the eating tables that you would normally see in any traditional restaurant, but somewhat an odd combination of mis-matched chairs, couches and love seats. The menu offered a variety of food. Me and a girlfriend shared a fish fry dinner which consisted of Tilapia fish, crab claws, shrimp and fries; it was okay and their alcoholic beverages we super strong…lol. Overall, I found the lounge intriguing, interesting, and just a cool place to relax and chat it up with friends or complete strangers(which we also engaged in). Well those are my little thoughts on Mollie Fontaine. If you’re in the local area, you should definitely check it out.

Be Blessed! I hope you all enjoyed the post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin

DIY Refashion

Sunday Remix – Blue Jean Skirt to a Blue Jean Halter (Behind the Seams inside)

Everyone… This is my inspiration for this Sunday’s refashion project.

I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought, this is what I want to make this week.

I found this old school skirt and I thought it would be perfect my top.  It was wide (for the flare I envisioned).

Sound I took on of my shirts and cut around the skirt for the size and length.

This is the end result of the cut.

Next, I used the remnants from the jean skirt to make a neck strap.  I stitiched it down and then used a pin to pull it through the neckline (sorry I don’t have every step in pictures).

Here is the end result.



Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Late post: So let me briefly tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed one of the many fashion events that went down this past week and during Memphis Fashion Week. For starters I LOVED the venue. The ambience had a very artsy feel; it was sleek, clean, white and crisp….very nice and well put together. Another plus was that the location wasn’t to far out of the way from where I live (but hey even if it was, I still wouldn’t missed the event). What stood out the most, was how everybody seemed swept up in the excitement of the event; the atmosphere was laid back and relaxed; people were taking pics, laughing, socializing, sipping on their choice of either wine or bear(which was complementary) and just simply enjoying themselves which was great, HOWEVER I did take notice the lack of diversity, which was a bit disappointing and I know Memphis isn’t considered to be on the top of the list when it comes functions such as this, but still…..hopefully things will turn around and more people from my community will show up and show out in the near future.

Since it was such an creative event, I wanted to show off my creative side :-), so I decided to spruce up this $2 denim hat that I found at Wal-Mart by adding some imitation pearls to match this cute little number I wore(BTW this dress already had the pearls on it at time of purchase). Pics below

And Lastly, I was impressed with the designs presented from the new emerging Memphis designers. Each collection had a different vibe and theme. Some designers collections were fun, full of life, colorful and over- the-top. Another designer pieces were also colorful, but a little more subtle and then you had that collection in which I consider “ready to wear” because of the color choice, the tones were soft/neutral and the pieces were more functional, something I could personally see myself wearing on any given day. At the end we voted on our favorite category, I provided the choices below. I chose the Mini collection. I’m already looking forward for next years show, I hope you all are to. Well let me get out of here and I’ll talk to guys soon.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.





Hi everyone.  Happy Humpday!  Last night I made this easy DIY laundry basket.  It was so easy.  A beginner sewer could definitely make this with no problems.

You can see the tutorial I found HERE.  I will not break down how to make this bag.  The tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess Blog is great.  It only has like 11 steps for making this bag.

My photos below just shows me in the process of making the Laundry Bag.   I will say that I love this heavy duty outdoors fabric.  I feel that this bag is sturdy and will last forever.  I love the print.  I love to travel and it has a bunch of places on my bucket list I would like to visit before I kick the budget.  🤣  The fabric is colorful and I love that.  I love color.

I can see the bag being made for kids rooms out of all kinds of fabrics with superheroes or cars printed on them.    That would be so adorable.

This first picture:  I noticed that the instructions said to use like a tray or a round surface to make you circle base.  Well, all I had was my bar stool.  I traced that on a poster board and then added the extra inches to it according to the tutorial instructions.

This is the fabric i chose from Joann’s. It was in sale for $6 a yard i think.

Next, I cut my big pieces according to the tutorial.

I didn’t want boring beige straps so I dyed mine. It wasn’t too messy.

Next was the stitching.

Then the ironing.

Then the end result.

I say make this bag.  When you are done you will feel great and love love love the outcome.

Tonia Y



Handmade Leather Earrings – Throwback Thursday

I use to sell these leather earrings back in 2012 in my Etsy store. I will have a whole new batch in my store in the next couple of weeks. They are different and everyone that sees you wearing them will love them. When I wore mine out, someone always said how cute they were and asked where I got them. They are not heavy and will not weigh your ear down. They are made from recycled leather remnants. You can special order a pair, mixed colors or a solid color. They can be worn all year around.

On April 30th, check the blog and click the Shop Tonia tab at the top of the web page if you are interested in buying a pair.

Tonia Y



Hey Everyone. Ok so we all know that no one is PERFECT and we have all certain parts of our bodies that we would love to change or enhance (which I actually have several) but hey that’s a whole different story. Anyway, one feature I’m currently attempting the enhance are my “chicklet” legs as my friend Katrice would call them LOL. At the moment, it just seems the easiest part to tackle. I’m going to be very transparent, but this is one of a few areas that I’m insecure about. After during some research, asking questions from fellow friends and attempting to tone up my legs while at the gym (with very minimal results) I was advised to try adding legs weights to my routine. I’m like hmmmm that just might work, so lets it a try. I was on the hunt for these babies, so I found these very inexpensive weights from our local Marshalls for $5.99 and there’re 5 LBS total, with each being only 2.5 in weight (Ya’ll I’m frugal, so I’m always searching for ways to save my ends and still be able to get what I want).  So after I made my first purchase, I got thinking, would that be enough to help me accomplish my goal? I’m actually thinking about purchasing a second pair and wearing 2 on each leg YIKES…. I might be pushing, huh and or I hope I don’t damage anything :-). I guess we’ll see

So far, I like the fact that I can wear them beneath my pants, which makes them pretty inconspicuous and according to description, these are suppose to help with body shaping, leg toning, and aids in burning calories. And, from the reviews I’ve read, most people have given the 4 to 5 stars.

Some of the pros and cons I’ve read thus far


  • Increases calorie burn.
  • Muscle strength.
  • Increase you resistance.
  • Improve the shape of your legs( I seriously need all of the above).


  • They can put more stress on your joints, hips, knees and muscles if not used properly.
  • They aren’t good for continuous activity.
  • Add pain to already existing joint and muscles issues.
  • To much weight around a small ankle can risk injuries.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



Hello Everyone. Lets take a sneak peak of what I’m currently working for my upcoming Punta Cana trip. McCall’s patterns recently put out their new spring patterns and when I tell you I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this pattern. I searched high and low to find it. I just knew this would be the perfect getup for my trip. It’s sexy, flirty, and fun. So, I wanted something very loud and full of color for this look; I found this royal green gauze fabric at Joann fabric. This is the perfect fabric for this outfit and for this occasion because it thin, lightweight, flowy, and comfortable….the perfect beach attire, right?

The pattern instructions were pretty clear and straight forward, I didn’t have any issues. However, I made a couple of changes. Because I like my pants “hitting the floor” I added a few inches to the pants. I achieved this by cutting the pants pattern piece at the “lengthen line” that’s written on the pattern, measured how much I wanted to add, inserted some craft paper to fill in that extra space by taping the paper by both ends to actual pattern pieces, and wow that’s it….. there’s your new altered pattern piece. Lastly, I wanted my top to be a little longer, so I eliminated the elastic in the bottom half of the top. Stay tuned to see the finished results.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed the post.

XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin



Hi. While browsing through some of my old pics, I came across this oldie, but goodie. Now you guys can’t tell me that this hot pink color isn’t POPPING :-). Because It’s such a vibrant color, I was instantly drawn to it and because I love the convenience of being able to quickly throw on a crossbody purse and still be trendy, I ran with it. So I found this super easy tutorial online. Click on link below. The supply list is very short and the instructions are simple to follow. Also, the only one thing I did differently vs the tutorial was add the magnetic snap instead of the zipper. There was no particular reason for this switcheroo, I was just being lazy and found it simpler to eliminate the zipper step. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pics of my steps, but hopefully the tutorial will guide you smoothly through the process.

Be Blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoyed the post


Bar Review Restaurant Review


Hi guys:  I wanted to post about this little cigar/jazz music bar that I visited in New Orleans recently.  Now, I am not a Cigar Smoker but I have taken a puff or two.  This was only my third time going to a cigar bar.  The 1st time, I almost died of smoke inhalation.  They weren’t filtering the smoke to go anywhere but inside that small room.  The 2nd, time was actually nice, it was located in the Dallas area.  The place was big, had tons of couches to chill on and was full of people.  The New Orleans cigar bar was nice and the difference with this one and the others was that, it was cozy, just like I would expect it to be in New Orleans and there was a live little band.  They were Jammin.  The band would play all kinds of songs, from old school to stuff I had never heard before.  They were so into the music and I was feeling the vibes.  The smoke was minimal to where I barely noticed.  They had a nice bar.  I ordered a vodka and cranberry.  Before the night was over, I would have downed 3 or 4.  I am not sure.  I stopped counting.  I took a few puffs off of my cigar and actually enjoyed myself.  Everyone in the bar looked like hippie types that lived in the area and probably walked to the place.  I saw old and young people, black and white.  It made me smile.  I noticed in my visits lately to cigar bars, that a lot of women frequent the cigar bars as well.  I mean a lot.  More than you would probably think.  I felt comfortable.

So if you are ever in New Orleans for a weekend, I say pop into Dos Jefe, have a drink and order a meal (I didn’t eat there, sorry).  The bartenders and waitresses seemed super cool.  Have a smoke and chill and listen to some seriously contagious music from the band.  Look at the bands facial expressions as they play the music from their instruments.  Before you know it, you will be making those faces as well.  🙂 I was told that there is a different band almost every night.  Dos Jefes closes at around  3 am daily.

Dos Hefes –  535 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

(sorry I wish I had gotten more pictures)

Tonia Y😘



Hey guys 🙂 Here’s another super fun and easy project. So all you will need is a small amount of faux leather(I had some scraps leftover from a previous project), pair of scissors, fabric paint(find at any craft store), earring hooks(found at Hobby Lobby), marker or tailor’s chalk, and lastly a leaf template…click here

Step one– Place leaf template onto leather and cut it out.

Step two– Personally, I think to make the leaf look more realistic, I created these slashes around the leaf with scissors.

Step three– I used the tailor’s chalk to draw the design similar to what a real leaf looks like(the veins) of a leaf, so that I could neatly trace over it with the fabric paint.

Step four– Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of this step, but I used the smallest punch size on my hole puncher to create a hole for the hook, once that’s done, just add the hook and lastly sit the finished earring(s) to the side and allow the paint to fully dry.


Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.

XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



Home Decor


Hey everyone. Ok so I’ve finally gotten around to sprucing up my ole tired living room ottoman. While searching for ways to uplift my living room space, I came across this very inexpensive way of achieving that. Luckily for me I only had to purchase a few additional items, but for everything else, I already had these items available. So lets briefly walk through the steps I took to create this look. Since there are a plethora of items you can work with, I suggest only using a few specific pieces, because you don’t want to overcrowd your limited tray space with a bunch of junk.  I recommend that you chose some pieces that are interesting, functional, eye catching, and so on…….

AND no need to worry about things not matching up, because that’s the purpose. It makes it more unique and interesting to look at :0

Here’s what I’ve chosen:

  • Gold vase- found at TJ-Maxx for $6.99
  • Tray- purchased at TJ-Maxx for $16.99 ( Tommy Bahamas brand-this was definitely a steal)
  • Colorful Floral stems- already had around the house
  • Decorative accent balls- already had around the house
  • Magazines- already had around the house
  • Set of candles- purchased from TJ Maxx for $7.99
  • Yellow ceramic decorative bird- already had around the house

Easy steps:

  1. I added some “fluff” in the bottom of the vase(old pine cones to fill up the empty space) put the accent decorate balls on top and placed the vase in one corner of the tray.
  2. Placed the set of candles orderly in another corner.
  3. I added a set of my favorite magazines in the remaining space of the tray and for a pop of color, I topped it off with this high yellow decorative bird.

There you go, an easy home project that you can complete on a budget.

Be Blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.


XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin


MY TOP 4 FAVORITE parfumes

Lets talk parfume, so what’s your favorite fragrance? In this post I will share my thoughts on my top 4 favorites starting with my least fav 🙂

Chanel Chance– So an old boyfriend back in 2004 bought this perfume for me as a “just because” gift; I was overly ecstatic when I received this gift, BUT the moment I opened the package and got a whiff of this lovey fragrance, I instantly fell in love with it and I’ve been wearing it ever since. This particular perfume reminds me of a sensual floral scent with a hint of sweetness, vanilla, and a light musk aroma, which is actually great for me because I tend not to like an overbearing smelling perfume.  However, I do love how it still posses that classic authentic Chanel old school scent. As you can see from my half empty bottle, its time to make a new purchase :-). I’m hooked, there’s no turning back with this one and I will always keep this particular perfume in my collection.

Chanel #5 L’eau and Chanel #5 oil- I would venture out to say that the Chanel #5 L’eau is the younger version of the original Chanel #5. I’ve always found Chanel perfumes to be a bit “old fashion” but they nailed this one. It’s modern, strong and yet gentle. However, there are some things that I like about the original Chanel, it smells rich and classic, even though it reminds me of something my grandmother would wear and it tends to be a bit overwhelming. Chanel L’eau has some of the same components as the original one, but its not as intrusive, its very light, feminine, it has a light powdery undertone (which I love). When I think about the original Chanel # 5, I think of my grandmother generation, but every time I smell or think about the L’eau, It gives me that feeling of youthfulness, fun and flirty. Also, when purchasing L’eau which is a toilette, I bought the Chanel 5 spray oil, because the toilette isn’t as potent as a parfume and doesn’t last very long. I wear these two in conjunction with each other, because the oil aids in the lasting power of the toilette (this last bit of info was a free one ***wink***)

Calvin Klein (Euphoria)– I love this perfume. I would consider this to be my signature fragrance. I believe it mixes well with my body chemistry and more than anyone of these other fragrances, I get the most compliments with this one. It has this  “light” sultry aroma that I can’t get enough of. As of lately, this has been my go to perfume.

Viktor & Rolf (Magic Dancing Roses)- This a new one to my collection and is apart of the Viktor Rolf magic collection. A friend of mine introduced me to this brand; its only exclusive at Saks Fifth Avenue, so if you live in the local area, you will have to buy it online. Now its a bit pricey, but its worth every dollar in my opinion. If I had describe this perfume with one word, it would be SEXY. This fragrance oozes sexiness, grown woman, elegance, and confidence. OK, its a unisex fragrance, yes both men and women can wear this(but I can’t imagine a man wearing it). This perfume has different layers, which one of them smells like a hint of roses(I’m definitely not a girl who likes floral or fruity scents AT ALL) but this one is different and unique. It has a sweet, semi-musk, fruity, warm, powdery scent, however with all of the layers, its a subtle aroma. I would put it in the category as a fall/winter fragrance. It’s definitely a mood lifter and has lasting power. Hey I like this fragrance so much, that I’ll even spray a little bit on my wrist before heading to bed 🙂

Be blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.


XOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin