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March 2018



Hi Guys: So I am on this new Keto diet. I am still learning how it works but basically you can only have 30g of carbs daily and eat all the meat that you want. People loose tons of weight on this diet. The first week I lost 8 lbs. I know people who have lost close to 30lbs in one month. This is my second week. Guys it is soooo hard to not eat carbs and sugars. We have been eating carbs, tremendous amounts, since we were kids. It is going to be hard to let go. I messed up on my 9th day, got depressed and got back on it the next day. I cannot dwell on mess-ups. I have a goal and I plan to reach it in the next couple of months. I was totally kicked out of ketosis after that and had to start over.

The keto diet is a high fat, protein diet and very, very low carbs. That means no bread period. No rice, no potatoes and absolutely no sugars (Not event fruits). You can only have 30 carbs a day (1 little Debbie cake is like 48 carbs alone). So don’t even think about cheating!! We are all addicted to sugar and if you can get past the sugar cravings. You will be ok. Typically I eat any meat I want and broccoli. Broccoli has very low carbs. I eat that often for fiber. I try to eat lean meats such as salmon and other fish but you can definitely have steak and other meats as well.

When you are craving bread like I was tonight, my friend was like try the cauliflower pizza crust or a cauliflower store pizza. I was very skeptical about it but, I am trying to loose a few pounds for my trip to the Dominican Republic with Kim and two other of my girlfriends. So, I went to Kroger and bought a pizza, not really expecting much. In the end, I was shocked. It tasted just like regular pizza crust. I am so serious, anyone that knows me knows that I am super picky about food. This time I must say, I was pleasantly surprise. I noticed that cauliflower is being used a lot for bread replacement and it’s actually good for you. So, I look forward to trying new cauliflower recipes. I will keep you posted on my Keto journey. When I hit my first goal of 20 lbs, I will post what and how I got to that point. So, Stay tuned.


DIY – Quick 30 Minute Clutch – Handmade (pictures)

I was going out one night and need a clutch. I had left mine at home in Texas. First I used a big piece of leather I had had forever.

I cut my leather into a rectangle like piece where is could fold 3 ways, leaving the raw edge.

Next, I used my chalk pen to measure and trace where I wanted my zipper to go and cut it the hole out.

There is is!!

I tested my zipper to see if it would fit perfectly and it did.

You may need clips to hold the zipper while you sew.  Flip over and top stitch both sides down.

My nails look horrible… ughhh (SORRY)

Stitch the top, once you have the zipper in.  This closes up the inside of purse.

Then you are done.


DIY Fringe Bag (Full Tutorial)


Here are the supplies you need. I made my own pattern. The top of the pattern is 15″ and then I drew the curve. You can make it what ever size you want. Make sure you buy a zipper to match the size of the straight end of the bag.-2-3 pieces of fabric (depending on size), suede, leather – one is for the purse and the other for fringe.

-a yard or less of fabric for the lining

-leather needles for machine

-scissors (use paper scissors)

-15 inch zipper

-poster board (to make pattern)

-paper clips


-sewing machine

I bought soft suede leather at Tandy Leather. The pieces were $16 each. I initially bought two pieces. I ended up having to go back and get another piece because I didn’t want my fringe to look thin or skimpy.

I folded one piece of my suede leather in half with right sides together. I laid my pattern on top and and cut it out.

Next, I took a piece of leather and start cutting my fringe. I needed for one side of my purse 32 inches of leather. So I cut (2) 16 x 11 inch pieces.

I felt like my fringe was too fat so I cut them again (took me forever) to make them skinnier.

Then I cut my lining with the same pattern.

I drew a small piece for the ends of my zipper. It is 2.5 x 1.5. Cut it out.

Lay on leather. and Cut (2)

This is what I did with the 2 pieces that I just cut. They will fit on each end of zipper like this.

Go to the sewing machine and sew down with one clean stitch across.

Now we will add the zipper to our suede and lining. Right sides together lay the zipper on the front side of suede face down. (Shown above)

Lay your lining on top face down.

I pinned mine. My suede was pretty thin.

I took it to the machine put my zipper foot down and stitched it.

View of back side.

Now, do the same thing for the other side.

This is what it should look like when you have both zippers sewn down.

Now lay your fringe. Right sides together!!! I pinned it around my bag. Make sure you keep the fringe in the middle. maybe use a paper clip or rubber band, I didn’t and a few of my fringes got stuck later as I put the bag together.

This is what it looked like when I did one side, I wanted my fringe to be thicker so I cut more fringe for the other side,

This is what it should look like when you are done. When you are stitching the fringe to your suede pieces, keep the lining out the way. It does not get stitched yet.

Now go and stitch about 3/8 around. Maybe even 1/4 inch. Remember to keep the fringe out the way.

I am using a leather needle. Although the suede I am using is not thick. I am stitching a lot of layers.

Funny angle but this is how the fringe should look when you are done.

Now you will fold it over…. Right sides together.

Pin your lining and leave about a 9 inch opening. (this is the opening you will pull your bag through once you have sewn everything.

Sorry about blurry pic.

Now, do the bag side. MAKE SURE ALL FRINGE IS INSIDE AND OUT THE WAY of the stitching that is about to happen. BEFORE YOU PIN DOWN…. make sure you unzip the zipper about 1/2 way down.

I used paper clips for the layers of leather, pins no longer worked.

When you stitch around, this is what it should look like. You are now going to reach in that opening of the lining and pull everything through.

Here you go!