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August 2017


Estate Sale Treasure- Old Thread Holder/organizer Now Revitalized!!!

The saying “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”. I can truly say this is tried and true this case. I’m always at someone’s estate sale seeking out a great deal. So, fortunately for me I lucked up on an estate sale where the person was a seamstress and had tons of sewing supplies. Technically speaking, this contraption really has nothing to do with sewing; after during me research, this is used to hold nails, bolts, and screws etc. The previous owner was so creative and thought outside of the box that they decided to turn this into something to organize their thread….CRA-MAZING!! Why didn’t I think of that?!? I like how she labeled each compartment by color(YES ALL THE THREAD CAME WITH IT). Yes, I’m winning with this purchase!! And it gets better…… you know what the best part is for me, is that you can free up some space by hanging it on the wall; my sewing area is so cluttered, I needed this in my life a long time ago. Lastly, because it looks a little old and outdated, I decided to spruce it up, by spray painting it a glossy metallic color and changing the those old manila folder color tabs into something more neutral(which I’m still working on)

Conclusion: This is a win win all the way around

Have a blessed day. Hope you enjoyed this post.


XOXOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin