DIY Mustard Slacks and Top

Hey everyone 🙂

Considering this is our new site, you will be seeing some past DIY outfits and this so happen to be one of them. Sorry. Anyway, I made this 2 piece cutie last year. Hands down I love everything about this getup. I love the color, the feel, comfort, and the sophistication of this whole look…oh and not to mention it so easy to iron :-).

To create this look I used 2 different patterns, which unfortantely I cant remember which 2 I used. Needless to say, the top was pretty easy to put together, but I struggled a little bit with pants. I had a lot of fitting issues ****sigh****

Conclusion: The frustration and labor pains I had with making the pants was worth it all….YAY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this outfit.




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