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July 2017



Hello from your girl Kim 🙂  Here’s another oldie, but goodie DIY. Hands down this is one of my favorite summer time getup. I consider this to be one of those effortless dress, meaning this will be something that I would quickly pull out of my overstuffed closet without having to give a whole lot of thought about it… dang what shoes would I wear or what accessories can I throw on, I can just throw on a cute pair of flats and because the top is cute by itself, I really don’t need any accessories. This is such an uncomplicated, easy, and comfortable dress that it can be put on in a matter of minutes and you’ll still come out looking comfortable and sexy all at the same time. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this DIY look….I’ll talk with you guys soon.


XOXOXOXO …….Ms. Kim Austin


DIY Mustard Slacks and Top

Hey everyone 🙂

Considering this is our new site, you will be seeing some past DIY outfits and this so happen to be one of them. Sorry. Anyway, I made this 2 piece cutie last year. Hands down I love everything about this getup. I love the color, the feel, comfort, and the sophistication of this whole look…oh and not to mention it so easy to iron :-).

To create this look I used 2 different patterns, which unfortantely I cant remember which 2 I used. Needless to say, the top was pretty easy to put together, but I struggled a little bit with pants. I had a lot of fitting issues ****sigh****

Conclusion: The frustration and labor pains I had with making the pants was worth it all….YAY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this outfit.





DIY Off The Shoulder Dress

Hi…. Today’s DIY is this sexy little summertime off-the shoulder dress. When I came across this dress that one of my favorite seamstress Beaute J’dore had made, I went straight to my fabric stash and found this striped polyester fabric; I knew instantly it would be perfect for this project, because of the ease and how lightweight the fabric is. I must say, I made a good choice in fabric and I chose the right style of dress for this fabric. YAY to me 🙂

I provided the link below to her blog where she provides a tutorial on how to create this look.

Be blessed and I hope you all enjoy this post.

XOXOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin