Hey Guys. Are you all loving this look, because I am? Sometimes when it comes deciding on my next project, I normally would have some idea of what I would like to make before even considering the fabric type, however this time I was in Jo Ann fabric and I came across this print, I immediately picked it up and purchased it without much thought as to what I’ll be creating with it. I got home and was thinking to myself, hmmmm what are you going to make with this fabric, so I got to shuffling through my pattern box and picked out 2 different patterns to create this look. I knew I wanted another pair of joggers pants and I knew I wanted a crop top, but never decided on the fabric type, so I’m thinking what do I have to loose by putting these 2 pieces together and using this fabulous fabric…..VOILA….in my mind, I came up with the BOMB outfit.

Conclusion: Fabric well used….. No regrets ๐Ÿ™‚

Be blessed and I hope you like this look and enjoy the post


XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin

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