Hi….. Today’s DIY look is this Kimoto style jacket and a pair of pants that I turned into a pair of distressed frayed shorts. I instantly fell in love with the long Kimoto jacket when the look first came on the scene; I’ve always had plans of making one, but in this HOT Memphis heat during the summertime, I needed some light weight fabric. So one weekend, me and Tonia took a quick road trip to Chattanooga with hopes of finding some new fabric options vs what we have locally in our fabric stores. Well as you see from the pics, I found that lightweight fabric! I love everything about this fabric. Its very light in weight, I love the pattern scheme, and the combination of the solid fabric with the crochet/embroidered fabric. But after finishing up this project, I thought it was a little boring and needed to be spiced up, so I added this high yellow tassel trim around the edges to give it a little more life. After thinking outside of the box and being a little daring with yellow addition, I was finally pleased with my creation.

As for my shorts, I pulled out an old pair of jeans, cut them a few inches above the knees, used my thread remover to create the frying process and lastly, I used a cheese grater to create the distressed look(I put a small hole in the pants and then went back and forth with the grater in that area until I was satisfied with the look)

Conclusion: Never be scared to think outside of the box 🙂

Be blessed and I hope you all like this look and enjoy the post.



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