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June 2017



Hey Guys. Are you all loving this look, because I am? Sometimes when it comes deciding on my next project, I normally would have some idea of what I would like to make before even considering the fabric type, however this time I was in Jo Ann fabric and I came across this print, I immediately picked it up and purchased it without much thought as to what I’ll be creating with it. I got home and was thinking to myself, hmmmm what are you going to make with this fabric, so I got to shuffling through my pattern box and picked out 2 different patterns to create this look. I knew I wanted another pair of joggers pants and I knew I wanted a crop top, but never decided on the fabric type, so I’m thinking what do I have to loose by putting these 2 pieces together and using this fabulous fabric…..VOILA….in my mind, I came up with the BOMB outfit.

Conclusion: Fabric well used….. No regrets 🙂

Be blessed and I hope you like this look and enjoy the post


XOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin



What’s up, guys?

I’m giving you all the cold shoulder, well let me rephrase that, the cold shoulder look :-). So while taking my weekly stroll through one of our local fabric stores (Jo-Ann fabric) I came across this lovely black embroidered fabric and I instantly knew what I was planning on making with it. When I tell you, I wasn’t in my home a good 2 minutes, before I got to searching for the perfect pattern(which at the moment, I cant seem to remember the pattern, sorry). I made whipped this baby up in a matter of hours and was ready to wear it the following day for a “girls’ night out”. This is definitely a go to outfit and one of my favorites pieces.

Hope you enjoy this look and post.


XOXOXOXO……Ms. Kim Austin


DIY High-low printed top

Hello. Sorry for the dark pics, YIKES. Todays DIY look is this easy flowy high-low top. I needed something real quick to sew up, so I turned to Simplicity 1064(easy-to-sew) pattern. I am all for quick, easy and simplicity when it comes sewing. The pattern instructions were pretty straight forward and understandable. Hey, I got a killer deal on the fabric. I found a few yards in the marked down section at Hancock fabric and paid a whopping $5 for 2 1/2 yards…can you say DEAL OF THE DAY.

Be blessed and I hope you all enjoy this DIY look 🙂



African Print Short Skirt

Kim and I were making the maxi version of this skirt and I decided to make a short version as well.   It actually turned out cute.  This was a Mimi G Throwback Tutorial that we used.



EASY PEASY project with very limited sewing experience needed. My girlfriend had just opened her sewing studio and we we’re just so excited to “break it in” we found this super easy OBI belt to make with some left over leather she had from a previous project. I cant recall where we located this pattern, but if you click on the link below you’ll find alternate tutorial



Hi….. Today’s DIY look is this Kimoto style jacket and a pair of pants that I turned into a pair of distressed frayed shorts. I instantly fell in love with the long Kimoto jacket when the look first came on the scene; I’ve always had plans of making one, but in this HOT Memphis heat during the summertime, I needed some light weight fabric. So one weekend, me and Tonia took a quick road trip to Chattanooga with hopes of finding some new fabric options vs what we have locally in our fabric stores. Well as you see from the pics, I found that lightweight fabric! I love everything about this fabric. Its very light in weight, I love the pattern scheme, and the combination of the solid fabric with the crochet/embroidered fabric. But after finishing up this project, I thought it was a little boring and needed to be spiced up, so I added this high yellow tassel trim around the edges to give it a little more life. After thinking outside of the box and being a little daring with yellow addition, I was finally pleased with my creation.

As for my shorts, I pulled out an old pair of jeans, cut them a few inches above the knees, used my thread remover to create the frying process and lastly, I used a cheese grater to create the distressed look(I put a small hole in the pants and then went back and forth with the grater in that area until I was satisfied with the look)

Conclusion: Never be scared to think outside of the box 🙂

Be blessed and I hope you all like this look and enjoy the post.