DIY Faux Snake skin Leather Fringe Clutch-Christmas Gift For My Daughter

Merry Christmas EVERYONE.ย  My daughter is always telling me that I never make her anything, so as I was thinking to myself, what could I make this young lady for Christmas that would scream originality, something sentimental and from the heart? BAM, why not surprise her with a purse made specially for her. Because I know she is such a girly girly and loves a good purse, I quickly began my search for the perfect material to work with. I went to Tandy’s Leather and they were running a sale for $19.99 per yard on specific pcs of leather. This leather stood out to me because of the color and texture; I knew I had to get it because its was so different, like my daughter. To wrap this up, she was very surprised and happy to show off her one of a kind, specially made for her purse ๐Ÿ™‚

Be blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoy the post.


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