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October 2016


DIY Trift Store Buy- Upcycled Coat

Hello peeps…… Every so often I like to explore the thrift stores to see what hidden treasure(s) I can find to recreate and during one of my recent trips, I found this burgundy wool long sleeve trench coat, which I had previously been in search of AND it matched perfectly with the top and slacks that I already had hanging in my who’s WINNING :-).ย  I recently saw a coat up-cycle on one of my favorite sites Pinterest, that where I got the idea for this project.ย  By the way Pinterest is a great site for fashion ideas and inspirations. So this recreation was swift. I simply removed the sleeves and changed out the hardware and BAM there you go. Loving this look.

Be blessed and I hope you all enjoy this DIY look and post.


XOXOXOXO…..Ms. Kim Austin