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September 2016


DIY African Print Maxi Skirt- Behind The Seams

Hey Everyone….For a long time now, myself and Tonia talked about trying our hands at making a wax Ankara gathered  print maxi skirt, which in the end was a success; she made the short version and I made a long one. So we moved forward and started ordering all the fabric and the supplies needed to complete the project, which was fairly easy. After looking at numerous tutorials and views of other seamstresses skirts, we finally pressed on. The skirt only required 4 pieces, which was the front piece, the back piece, the side pockets and a back zipper, sounds simple right? Now although there weren’t a lot of pieces, we still struggled a little, but as we got further along during the process, we were able to brainstorm and get the job done (GEESSSH finally finished ). Personally for me, I fell in love with fullness and length of the skirt and yeah I got plenty of compliments when I wore it church 🙂 Below are pics of our first attempt at creating this beauty.

Be blessed. I hope you all this look and post.



Sunday Remix

Hi Everyone:

Well today was Sew Sunday for me. I bought this knit dress at the thrift store on Saturday. It cost 3 bucks. I thought hmm, I can make this into something. So, today I did. I first cut the dress down the middle. Next, I had to turn it inside out, take the sleeves in and added a seam to the back because it was way tooo big. I shortened it and then hemmed it. BAMMM! Done. Don’t be scared of the thrift store. Find something and remix it.