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April 2016


Refashioned Pocket Key Chain Coin Purse

Made this pocket keychain coin purse that I found on Pinterest. So cute.
Cut your pocket out. Leave a little seam allowance on the sides. Add zipper. As you can see in my photo, I added lining in mine. Viola… it is just that easy.


Memphis Fashion Week – 2016

Hey. I thoroughly enjoyed Memphis Fashion Week, it was a great experience. So, you ask what did I like the most about Memphis Fashion Week? I like how Memphis showed up and showed out!!. The designs were creative, inspirational, and beautiful. It bought so many artistic people from around the Memphis fashion and art community together, which created a magical night. I’m already looking forward to 2017 Memphis Fashion Week and I might even consider volunteering in some type of capacity, just to get a first hand look of how everything is brought together behind the scene.

Be blessed. I hope you all like the pics and enjoy the post.


XOXOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin