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July 2015


DIY Jumpsuit

Hey guys. What a cutie, huh? I love everything from the style, color, and fabric. This is the perfect summertime outfit. The fabric has just enough stretch and its very lightweight. This fits perfectly on me. Its so cute and comfy. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of this project; I think I’ll be making it again in the near future.

Be blessed. I hope you all like this look and enjoyed the post.

XOXOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin


DIY Sewing Station

This was such a fun and very inexpensive project. I may have spent no more than $100 for all of the supplies combined. The finished product gave me LIFE, because prior to having this sewing table, I was either cutting my fabric on the floor or on a really small end table, it was such a bummer!! I’m so excited about my new and improved sewing space. And of course I found the tutorial below on Pinterest.

Be blessed. I hope you all enjoyed this post.




XOXOXOXO….Ms. Kim Austin